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Technical analysis trading signals on free indicators on IG platforms.

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There are many indicators providing easy technical analysis on pro-real time and metatrader.Indicators alone can make trading signals,only if the amateur knew how.Just because amateurs on forums don't know how, it does not mean there can't be signals from indicators.Here I prove charlatans wrong.




The industry is the blind leading the blind.

Indicators alone do not make trading signals. Each trader must define the exact method in which the indicators will be used to signal trading opportunities and to develop strategies. Indicators can certainly be used without being incorporated into a strategy; however, technical trading strategies usually include at least one type of indicator.

Read more: Using Technical Indicators To Develop Trading Strategies https://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/11/indicators-and-strategies-explained.asp#ixzz5EiMdyFTr 


Here are 7 indicators used for trading signals.I have posted live examples of trading setups that I take and how I use indicators.There are 7 indicators with signals, just proves there are too many charlatans and fake gurus everywhere.There are blind bats who can't see the signals on indicators, see charts.




7 indicators for signals.jpg







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