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ZERO_GRID_AUX200_ automated trader EA_robot

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I thought I would give Zero a different perspective on trading AUS200 index.After looking at many different methods my opinion on best trading strategy to suit me, my risk appetite is the new "Zero grid   asx EA"



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One day you will see this EA  as being profitable.I know it will make money for me for sure , because of the logic (hidden logic you do not know about), it can trade Hang Seng, Dow, ftse, nasdaq and ll other indices..


I like my EAS to test with difficult conditions and instruments, then I use food for thought and apply profitable logic.


Your work is  read,honoured and respected.



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Warren Buffet will tell you the logic of profitability of EAS, he was always profitable  in the stock market..Mark Douglas rules will also help you see them, that means reading a lot and devising a profitable logic.


There you will not be following blind Gurus who failed at trading, you will be following successful people, showing you the map of the trading gold.

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If you mean your two long positions from 5995 and 5998 then yes they are in profit, but that's not grid trading.  That's a pure directional trade, which is my point.  Being pedantic I know, but....  


At least they're in profit - good!  

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Call it what you like, this is my grid strategy, as I proved to you it makes money.


Simple is beautiful, this is why warren buffett makes money , he buys value.


Over 200 points each profit *2 = 400




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