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Technical question ,Mackbook with Chrome lagging the charts



My 2016 Macbook 13" CPU i5, 8gb is lagging the charts(10 tabs open) in chrome recently, iv checked consumption 5gb ram(out of 8gb) and 20% CPU so where is the issue ? shockwave, java in Chrome?

I have reinstalled Chrome but doesn't help.

Does it need more ram? firefox maybe will be better ?

Is it IG platform only optimized for windows ?

I keep the computer very clean.

btw Safari doesn't display the charts fully so I can't use it, why not IGindex ?

Any ideas ?

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I run a similar computer set up but on windows and with an i7. The CPU is not the issue and I have the same 8gb RAM. I also use chrome. The issue well may be with RAM and Java. I have had warning notices in the past if I am running a lot of charts WITH a lot of indicators all at once. The notice came from the ProRealTime platform which I think somehow throttles the RAM you can use (hence the slider on the opening tab) said I was pushing the RAM too hard (don't remember the exact words) and I should download the 32 AND the 64 bit Java for better performance (though I never got round to it as I was only playing around). With 6 charts and a minimum of indicators RAM usage is less than half and I have no problems but it is possible the platform (or java on it) has a limit it can call upon.


Hope this is of some help.



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I don't really use indicators , just support resistance, and I've got 10 tabs open, I got feeling that chrome with java has some limitation, my cpu usage max 30% and ram 5.5gb out of 8gb.........can anybody from IGindex give some advice and opinion on that ?

Thx Caseynotes  for the reply.


btw: my windows 7 with 2core and 4gb was running better

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Hi, which IG platform are you running? If it's RealProTime, under the help option you can send a report to IG tech staff. I should have included a moderators handle in my last reply to get their attention. Sorry.

Can  help with this?



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I didn't realise you sent an email as well about this which I have replied to and so do check your inbox as I would like to do what I can to help you with regards to this issue. Once we have addressed the issue we can add the solution to this community post. 


So that everyone knows our platform, as you can imagine, has been extensively tested to operate on all popular operating systems and so the issue of lagging on a Mac is not expected behaviour. We also do recommend using Chrome as the browser of choice as this is what we have found to have the best performance with the IG platform. Also just so you know the charts that are in the IG platform are powered by flash. 


Usually if a problem is reported about the performance of the charts or platform we would recommend to clear the browsing history as well as clearing the flash cache. 


Should anyone have any platform issues please see the link below which is a video (of yours truly) going through some key troubleshooting steps.




I hope that helps! 



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I have download Flash player for Safari and it works without lagging.....Chrome probably got some issues, i will try to download also Flash for goolge Chrome maybe that's the case......if any changes for better with Chrome i let You know. 

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I think we all know by now that the server that serves the charting at IG is slow it's not the No1 browser in the world Chrome and clearing your cask etc is just a waste of time so is reinstalling flash on your machine as IG is online not on your computer. 

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