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Intraday Scalping versus swing trading

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Here are results of back tests, using same strategy to scalp trades versus longer term swing trading.Scalping lost more money  than swing trading, swing trading has higher probability of becoming profitable, depending on the strength of strategy.


.The higher the spread a trader pays, the more the trader will lose.The professionals will trade the "lowest spread to volatility" instruments.The more a trader trades, the more the negative spread edge a trader gets.The less a trader trades, the more he is likely to profit.Patience is the most important edge for the retail trader, the patience to wait for a really cheap entry, the patience to wait for days and weeks to take a profit and , the patience to wait during uncomfortable losing periods .This is what Warren Buffet has and traders should search on google to read all about Warren Buffet..Any trader can apply Warren Buffet mindset to trading and be profitable.There are edges in Buffettology.


Day traders and intraday traders should search google for success rate of day traders and intraday scalping.I have read 99 % failure rate on dedicated detailed searches.


intraday scalping dax.jpgintraday scalping daxtp3.jpgintraday scalping eur usd.jpgintraday scalping eur usdtp3.jpg


Here are results

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These are not the EAS I use or trading.This is a testing EA. It is for information gathering purposes only.I look for quality and edge from a testing EA. A trader can not see an edge in a testing EA, unless he knows edges.


If I am not incorrect, the market has proved me wrong many times, in the past.I have now found the ultimate edge, that is never to lose money over a series of 8 to 12 trades.Bit like Edison inventing the light bulb, he failed 999 times.


Each of my 50 EAS trades only once a week,on average.

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