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1000 points down on the Nikkei, Fundamentals or CB Koolade gone off>


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I can't remember the last time I saw a 1000 point drop on any stock index and all this post BoJ doing nothing, NOTHING!  If you still needed to be persuaded that central bankers have F^(% the market then this must be it.  Fundamentals haven't matter since 2009, this rally is all CB fueled and now the wheels are finally coming off, aren't they?  Oh please let it be so , I can't take this lunacy much longer.  Let's have a crash, reset the system, fire all the pigs with their noses in the troughs and get back to basics please...


Oh and massive debt write offs too of course...

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    • @Caseynotesthanks for the reply. How do I know if I am trading at DMA platform or any other.       
    • Hi, all brokers are market makers to some extent. If you are trading on the Direct Market Access (DMA) platform then you are dealing on the exchange through IG but if using any other platform then IG looks to match those trades inhouse matching shorts to longs. Any excess they hedge on the exchange themselves.  So IG aren't taking the other side of your trade, they are covered whether you win or lose and they make on the spread from both parties. If they need to hedge they still win because they get a better spread than what they pass on to you.  
    • Err, I've had all my real vaccines, the ones that completed safety trials, have also had special vaxxes when had to present proof when travelling to a country were there were dangerous diseases present, no problem. But experimental gene therapy that has no medium or long term risk data for a disease that, according to the FDA, has just a 1 in 250,000 risk, and needing to present proof to go to a restaurant or club in my home town - no, this is not about a virus.   Note that the FDA officials that the Biden admin pressured into giving early FDA approval for these vaxxes both resigned. FDA panel just voted 16-3 AGAINST approving the boosters This slide was shown at their meeting.  
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