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Some Auction Market Theory for the Weekend?

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Auction Market Theory Basics 

order flow, ranges, value areas, shake outs, break outs, no buy zones, profiles, volume profile, probability, etc.


short slide series of basics.



Videos; Basics.

Auction Market Theory, taught with a crayon. (10 min)



More advanced video;

Reading The Mind of the Market, Trading Process. (1hr 50min. two presentations, usual Dante parental guidance needed)

Tom Dante and Kam Dhadwar




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Sadly IG doesn't have an option for market profile with PRT.  I emailed PRT asking if I can just buy their license and use the latest version along with market profile for a fee.  I will report back what I hear.  I know MT4 has some sort of add-on, but I'm not a big fan of MT4. Also I think it might be tick profile not real volume profile, because I don't think MT4 handles L2 data (I could be very wrong about this).

Here's a nice free tool, works only for ES at the moment: http://herdtrails.com


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