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Page doesn't fit in the browser

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IG page doesn't fit fully in the browser, tabs Orders and Positions are not at the bottom anymore only as a new tab at the top, on the bottom I can't see the NEWS tab and Date frame is also hidden.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 16.58.36.png

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Hi ,  I've had this problem before too and it was caused by a second screen of different size and/or a change to the display resolution settings, worth checking.

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Hey - what is the size and resolution of your screen?


It's worth noting that if you are on Chrome you can always use Ctrl and the " - " sign (minus sign) to zoom out a little, and if you're on a Mac you'd need to use ⌘ and " - " (minus sign). You can also click that little green button in the top left to go 'full screen' which will give you an extra few centimeters of screen space.

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    • Still not clear how the vote will go tomorrow, will depend on Labour MPs, snap poll suggests general population support it. Merkel ready to offer an extension if vote no but Boris seems unlikely to accept. Nick Boles MP  @NickBoles  "All the Benn Act does is oblige the PM to request an extension if he has not got his deal approved by the end of tomorrow. On its own an extension request cannot stop a No Deal Brexit on 31 Oct. The only certain way to stop No Deal is to vote for the deal."
    • Using ProRealTime at the moment But also though first using the API. The backtest functionality of PRT is not too bad though, as you can run through variables up until 10,000 combinations. Currently running through different combinations of TP, SL and entry points
    • Very interesting idea. What software are you using to backtest it? I'm also keen to backtest it, I've built a crude system for backtesting using the IG Index API, I'm tempted to tweak it to test this idea! Will report back here with results if/when I get it up and running.