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Page doesn't fit in the browser

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IG page doesn't fit fully in the browser, tabs Orders and Positions are not at the bottom anymore only as a new tab at the top, on the bottom I can't see the NEWS tab and Date frame is also hidden.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 16.58.36.png

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Hi ,  I've had this problem before too and it was caused by a second screen of different size and/or a change to the display resolution settings, worth checking.

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Hey - what is the size and resolution of your screen?


It's worth noting that if you are on Chrome you can always use Ctrl and the " - " sign (minus sign) to zoom out a little, and if you're on a Mac you'd need to use ⌘ and " - " (minus sign). You can also click that little green button in the top left to go 'full screen' which will give you an extra few centimeters of screen space.

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    • two equal channels. Big down move today, I'm not short ( I don't short oil ) but would like to see price fall to $55.00
    • Thanks so much for the explanation, I better start flicking between settings. 🍻
    • Hi, to open a long trade you buy the ask price and to close that long trade you sell at the bid price, the mid is just a reference between the two, the difference between the two is the brokers markup. You are best to have the chart set to mid but be aware it won't show exactly where the in/out of the trade was activated. Tick volume shows the number of orders processed but not the size of each, the online platform shows actual volume as taken from the exchange if there is one, FX must use tick volume as there is no central exchange. A tick chart just shows orders as they are matched and the resulting price change.