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New IG Community. Any bugs? Let us know...


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Please use this forum thread to notify us of any bugs which you may find. As much detail / screenshots etc would be useful. Please remember to not post any personal information. 

Known bugs.

  • Previous images are not showing correctly. Resolved
  • A small handful of new users don't have a username. Resolved - new members will be prompted to complete. 

Regular feedback about our new Community?

You can use this forum post, or the blog post below, to pass on any feedback. 



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  • JamesIG changed the title to New IG Community. Any bugs? Let us know...
Guest PandaFace

On mobile the ‘go to top’ button at the bottom of the screen generally covers other buttons / moves about a lot as well. Useful on computer but useless on mobile. iOS you can just tap the top of the screen to get same result. Assume there is the same on Android. 

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Guest DaveH

I have a suggestion.

in the “alerts” page the “note” area should be larger so that I can keep notes on each stock. It’s to small and scrolling through each line is not good enough when there is enough room for it to be enlarged. Why has this not been done?

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Guest PandaFace
46 minutes ago, rimmy2000 said:

I cannot see how to add an image to a post. There does not appear to be any upload functionality..?

You can just drag and drop the image into the post on a desktop. 

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Had me stumped for a while too but it's much simpler than the old way. For a block of text just highlight, right click and copy and then paste in post. For a pic right click on to copy then paste and for vid right click to copy URL then paste.


Just looking down writing this post and see there has been added paper clip icon with more options, that wasn't there yesterday.

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1 hour ago, Caseynotes said:

Hi @JamesIG, checking my profile and I seem to be on some kind of backwards time loop, it's telling me I joined last week, which unless my memory is going I'm sure must be wrong.

thanks for this - I know there were a few accounts (7 to be exact) which had mapping issues linking the username to the posts. I believe yours was one of them, and when we manually mapped / re-entered your existing username it looks like it reset the join date. Let me see if there is anything I can do on the back end. 

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    • On 19th August I published a chart of the SP500 Index with an arrow at the high The chart below takes the analysis 1 step further and ASSUMES (very very very very few people in the world would bother with this) - that the trader looks at TIME If they had, they would have seen: That TIME in the number of trading bars from the OCT LOW was EQUAL to the number of trading bars DOWN from the Jan'22 HIGH Point #1 coincided with a Gann Angle DOWN from the Jan'22 high As well as the true 1 x 1 Gann Angle squaring the Jan-Oct'22 RANGE Now a seemingly normal trendline from the OCT'22 LOW to the 1st correction LOW of 2023 looks like it stopped the market dead last week - this happens sometimes, which is why it can throw confusion into the analysis of what a trader is to use The USA markets work on a 6.5 hour trading day - that trendline is the 1 x 2 gann angle if you "alter" the TIME factor of the angle to work on TRADING HOURS You ALWAYS need to look at multiple options to see what the market is working too, as it does not just do 1 thing! Keep an eye on the market for reversals when each of the Gann UP angles "Square the RANGE" of the Jan-Oct'22 range, especially the bright BLUE 1 x 2 true Gann angle AND this seemingly innocuous TIME adjusted 1 x 2 Gann angle The key message, is to always be looking for time coincidences - As WD Gann said in the 1900's "When Time and Price balance, the trend changes" THT 
    • The world is evolving and people are leveraging on new technological approach not only to make their work/business easier, faster and smarter but also to earn with ease. Earning with ease requires one to stay updated and informed about latest development. It is true what they say that "you can't be doing the same thing and expect different result". Cryptocurrency is meant to make our lives better but the question is will everyone's life be better if people still employs analog approach in a digital economy? Of course the answer to the question is glaring. While there are old methods of earning in crypto like DCAing, HODL and others which obviously still seems to be working, there efficacy is not 100% because human factor such as sentiments and emotion still plays out which often times doesn't bring out the potential desired results and could sometimes result to loss due to indecisive decision making hence the reason to adopt a more robust, effective and effecient way of earning with ease. The "smart portfolio bot" is the latest among this innovation. It is a groundbreaking Innovation aimed to empower traders and investors with dynamic portfolio management capabilities, allowing users to rebalance assets based on price flunctuations to earn higher profits. This intelligent bot continually and dynamically rebalances position within a user-selected portfolio of cryptocurrency ensuring a constant proportion of each coin is maintained. Smart portfolio bot with dynamic rebalancing enables systematically buying low and selling high across the market cycle. The key is to act swiftly to lock in gain from short-term price spikes before value falls back down and reinvest those freed-up funds into undervalued coins poised to rally thereby steadily increasing the total number of cryptocurrency assets held over time. Am fully convinced this new innovation will bring succor to traders especially in this bear market but will like to know what you think of this new creativity in the world of crypto.
    • Gold and silver prices slump to multi-month lows, while WTI crude price drops back from recent highs Precious metals have been hit hard by a surging dollar and rising bond yields, and oil prices have dropped back from the highs seen last week. Source: Bloomberg  Chris Beauchamp | Chief Market Analyst, London | Publication date: Monday 02 October 2023 11:50 Gold closes on seven-month lows Gold’s collapse accelerated on Friday, taking the price to its lowest level since early March. The price has witnessed a remarkable slump since the middle of the month, having dropped below the 200-day simple moving average (SMA), retreated from trendline resistance from the July highs and then breaking below support at $1885. Further declines target $1807, the lows of February and March. There is as yet little indication of any nascent rebound, though the $1885 level may now prove to be resistance. Source: ProRealTime WTI edges down again A further decline in oil on Friday has raised hopes that a short-term top may be in for the time being. A deeper pullback would need a close below $89, something that eluded the price last week. This would then open the way to a more substantial drop that could see the price head back towards the rising 50-day SMA. This would then create a higher low and help solidify the bullish outlook. If $89 continues to provide support then we could see a fresh attempt to push back to the highs of last week around $93. Source: ProRealTime Silver’s fall accelerates Silver’s decline has been impressive, wiping out all the gains made since early March. The price closed below the $22.40 support zone on Friday, breaking lower after finding support around here three times since June. The sellers remain firmly in control here, and a push towards $21 seems likely. It would need a close back above $22.50 to suggest a short-term bounce may be in the offing. Source: ProRealTime
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