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Trading Strategy for Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI)

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Hi Guys,

I am a new to trading with less than year experience trading DJI

I wonder what is the best trading strategy or strategies to trade DJI and the best Dow Jones trading strategy online resources?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @buxup.co.uk  why are you signing on as a company, Blockchain development and ICO marketing anyone?

There is no such thing as a single 'best' strategy. Everything depends on your own personal style and preferred time frames,. Perhaps drop the company reference and reveal a bit more as an individual how it is you are trying to trade.  


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Hi @Caseynotes, i trade in personal account. BuxUp is a marketing company which started as trading domain names company and developed further into full-time online marketing and advertising business operating in the EU, Middle East and CIS countries. ICO marketing and blockchain dev is just one part of our business since 2017. Our major focus is online marketing and advertising. 

I trade DJI based on "signals" and news. I made good %% returns but not sure if it is the best strategy.

kind regards,


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11 hours ago, buxup said:

I trade DJI based on "signals" and news. I made good %% returns but not sure if it is the best strategy.

The Dow had a good bull run up until this consolidation phase set in at the end of Jan as the weekly chart shows. In the bull run signals in line with buying the dip on a smaller time frame chart would work well but come the consolidation phase signals are more haphazard.

If you are using higher time frame charts like a daily/weekly you could either change chart to a lower time frame and try a range based strategy or wait for a breakout and another trending phase.

There is solid resistance at 25390 and the prior high at 26703 while the support levels are weak until 23110.

Currently indices are news lead but if the tariff tantrum dies down good GDP figures will likely lead to a resumption to the upside.

The best online resource are charts of the other indices as there is a general correlation of the health of the mature market economies and as one market closes and another opens it will continue to reflect the current trend in money flows in or out of the indices, until the next data set or news stirs it all up again. 


BTW were your signals any of those provided by IG?




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