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Hiya, I have called IG and have been told that hey do not hold historical data when they have significantly increased the Minimum Stop distance on, say the DAX.  For the purposes of back testing on PRT if you do not know when IG, say significantly increase the Minimum Stop distance, because of volatile markets, and you have a Pro Order system running (with a designated stop) that Pro Order system will STOP - as it has not met  the minimum stop requirements of IG at the market at that time (this happened to me a few weeks ago live trading  pro order) on the DAX.  So if you are back testing and do NOT know that IG on a certain date & time have increased the stop significantly - your back test results are completely useless as in reality the PRT pro -order system would have shut down ! I am really surprised that IG do not publish this info on a spread sheet - it would be so easy and importantly enable accurate results when back testing on PRT. 

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