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Blockchain Trilogy - Parts I, 2 & 3 + Easter Egg - By TrendFollower

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Part I:

I am getting asked a lot of questions on Blockchain. I have promised many that I will start a post and begin putting down some of my thoughts for the IG Community to read and consider. If those who read do not agree or appreciate my thoughts then that is absolutely fine.

In my opinion (based on what I have read on the subject matter) then Blockchain is at the same level to where the Internet was during its earlier years. If Blockchain is applied successfully then it could make the Internet more decentralised which is how it was initially intended. I think it is the most important development since the Internet. For me in simple terms, Blockchain is a form of technology that can record transactions on a permanent basis which cannot be altered. This is extremely useful from an audit perspective. I can envisage most people checking and verifying information on the 'Blockchain'. It may well even replace the word database!

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. They exist because of the Blockchain technology behind it and underpinning it. From a technical perspective, Blockchain could be described as a back end database that maintains a distributed ledger. From a business perspective, Blockchain could be described as an exchange network for moving transactions, value, assets without any intermediaries. From a legal perspective, Blockchain validates transactions which replaces that historically trusted institutions / organisations.

One way of looking at Blockchain is merely an extension of the Internet. Those who appreciate the historical evolution of the World Wide Web will appreciate Blockchain and the journey it is heading towards. Just like the World Wide Web needs the Internet so too does Blockchain applications. The ambition is that they can bypass the Web and create a more decentralised version. This is one of the biggest promises of Blockchain technology. 

In all my time investing, my experience tells me that as a trend follower, the strongest impact for a trend or technology is whether it has a strong narrative. In my opinion, Blockchain, has an extremely strong narrative. The Internet too had a strong narrative. The most popular use of Blockchain technology has been Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In simplistic terms, Blockchain is like a very large database.

Blockchain is also very technical. I suggest anyone who is genuinely really interested to read books on Blockchain as that is the only way they can really even begin to understand the complexities behind Blockchain. I am keeping things very simple for the IG Community. However I will add more detail and specifics in future parts to this post.


Part II:

If one looks at Blockchain from a technology perspective then one will implement it as a technology. However, if one looks at Blockchain as a business change enabler then one will begin to think about business processes. It is only when one starts looking at different business processes where Blockchain could be applied to make it more efficient, effective, robust and quick that the markets around the world really do begin to open up in one's mind. 

I think what people forget is that Blockchain offers a genuine new way of implementing trust in relation to transactions. It is perfectly feasible to make an assumption that going forwards in the future it will be machines that will compute trust rather than it being verified by humans. I think from an evidential standard, it is not unreasonable to even suggest that proving that something did actually happen will be served by Blockchains. A lot of people will be aware of smart contracts and smart property. These in my opinion will be Blockchain's initial biggest drivers. 

I think the mainstream is simply not educated enough in the subject area to truly appreciate Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. For example, if I had a rare vintage Swiss watch, expensive art, unique stamp or rare diamond ring then I would go to the relevant specialists and experts to get a true valuation of its worth. Blockchain and especially Cryptocurrencies are the same but the audience commenting on it may not have the specialist knowledge required to even understand what the true valuation could be for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Why should a journalist, news reporter, mainstream media, person on the street, your neighbour, relative, friend or colleague be qualified to even comment that Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are worthless and frauds. How can they without having the technical knowledge behind the subject area suggest that for example Bitcoin is going down to zero.

I will end this part by stating that we are beginning to accept that the future of cars is 'self-driving' and 'electric / hydrogen'. If we open our mind then we will begin to accept that the future of money is 'digital' and the way to move assets and conduct transactions around the world are going to be based on the 'Blockchain'. 


Part III:

How do I see Blockchain being adopted in financial institutions? This is a question that I get asked a lot. I think they will try and adopt certain parts in a subtle way but it is start ups that are really going to aggressively push the boundaries of blockchain within the financial industry. For those who want exposure to this area then they will have to consider looking at start ups and especially those who have a real 'edge'. Once mainstream banks start providing cryptocurrency services whether it be in the form of digital wallets, crypto bank accounts, or crypto money transfers against fiat currencies then there really will be a blockchain revolution of some form. I think the in between step could be say linking your traditional bank accounts to your crypto wallets. It may be that banks do not adopt such a method and it ends up being the crypto wallets offering links to fiat accounts and currencies.

A key point of Blockchain is that information is cryptographically secure. Trust plays a crucial role. I am mindful of my audience and I could at this point get technical but my aim was to bring some exposure of blockchain to those that may not fully appreciate this new technology. This journey that has began with Blockchain will not be anywhere near complete until it enters into a variety of different industries and governments around the world. Blockchain at its most effective will provide "proof of everything". It will great for audit / assurance. One can see health care, energy, governments and financial sector being great beneficiaries of Blockchain. I have seen signs of adoption of Blockchain with shipping companies and supply chain management. 

I remember reading something where Albert Einstein was quoted as saying that imagination was more important than knowledge. This was because knowledge was limited to all we now know and understand while imagination embraces the whole world. Due to limited knowledge about Blockchain people are finding it really difficult to appreciate it. Those that do appreciate it have read about the subject area and hence they have the knowledge to embrace and accept it. Those who created the concept of Blockchain and made it possible to execute are those with great imagination who created the knowledge for others to acquire. 

Blockchain does not just improve processes. For me it is a disruptive technology and if it fulfils its potential then can be game changing which is why I am extremely interested from an investment perspective. To really create genuine true wealth, one needs to invest in those disruptive, game changing investments and this is where Blockchain could present returns similar to the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. Those who held for say a 20 year period are sitting on unimaginable returns. The best way one could describe Blockchain is that it is a new major software development platform. I have read recently that Universities are looking at offering courses on Blockchain. Education will be key. Those countries that offer this through recognised qualifications will attract those with great imaginations that provide knowledge for others. It is a must that the new generation learn the basic functionality of a blockchain and what it enables generically. 

For me there is no doubt that for start ups the Blockchain is a disruptor. Larger companies do not generally like to disrupt themselves for this is what start ups are essential to the success of Blockchain adoption. In my personal opinion you can either take a proactive approach to education yourself on Blockchain technology or you can wait until the market educated everyone. For those who want to get in early for the bigger returns and larger profits then it makes sense to educate yourself. If you wait for the market then you will amass returns similar to others who acted in a similar way. For those who have studied any sort of Business degree will understand 'Business Process Re-Engineering'. I remember reading a book which suggested that implementing the blockchain was around 80% about business process changes and around 20% about figuring out the technology behind it. 

As someone who is involved in start up investing and who gets sent investment proposals and business plans, one of the first questions that I tend to ask is what the specific problem is that this business is trying to solve. When looking at Blockchain opportunities a potential investor needs to ask is it actually solving a real problem and will the solution that Blockchain offers truly improve that business and bring with it efficiency, speed and a higher level of effectiveness. One thing to remember is that the truly great businesses do not just solve a problem. They create new opportunities instead of solving existing problems. Spotting such businesses in the start up arena associated with the use of Blockchain is the most difficult and challenging aspect. 

In the future there could be a crypto economy based on Blockchain. This could create millions of jobs worldwide. Value creation will be a key feature. Part of that value will be running services on the Blockchain. This is a new frontier. Yes, it is ultra high risk and I believe we are at an early stage of really understanding and appreciate the value the Blockchain can truly bring to a possible crypto driven economy. We use the term 'Fin-Tech' but who knows there may be a new term like 'Crypto-Tech' which will embrace us. I can see cryptocurrency only banks emerging around the world. I think digital wallets will become mainstream and be embedded into future smartphones and smartwatches. I have already started seeing services where users can earn cryptocurrency by performing routine services and I think these will grow in popularity.

I have already seen businesses attempting to set up businesses involved in the digital trading of commodities like gold and diamonds on the blockchain anywhere in the world. I read something recently which summed up how to describe what we may witness in the coming years. It was something like the crypto economy being a trust economy that was decentralised at birth. I thought this was a wonderful way to describe in a few words what we may begin to see not just in the future but now. 


Easter Egg:

For those familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe will appreciate why this section is titled the 'Easter Egg'.

I think IG could reward the IG community in cryptocurrency and this would be revolutionary.

It would also attract top quality content, information and knowledge to be shared with the IG Community.

I think IG should seriously think about this idea. If participants get paid to provide value that leads to a transaction opportunity then IG must seriously consider this. For example if I wrote a piece on a trade for Bitcoin or even a commodity like Lumber and this led to what IG deemed as a transaction opportunity then IG could pay me in crypto.

If IG wants to create a world class IG Community that benefits its members and educates others which can lead to an increase in transactions on its platform then it must incentivise the authors that post on it quality material. I don't just mean posting chart after chart or posting links after links. I mean top quality content which makes those who read it seriously think about the subject area. It must educate those who read it and offer seriously value enrichment to its readers. This will drive up the quality of the posts. It is not about the quantity but the quality. So for a supreme, world class post it could reward the writer more cryptos. 



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Thanks for this mammoth post @TrendFollower - it looks like it comes in at around 2000 words. Great stuff. 

Thanks also for the suggestion regarding 'content for crypto'. I do agree that the broad idea is a good one. I know a lot of Communities have this sort or super user or incentivisation plan, and it is something we have discussed. At the moment though I think we want to try and grow the Community a little more before formally putting something in  place. 

In regards to remuneration via crypto, I don't believe that would be possible I'm afraid. This is in part due to the actual make up of crypto (i.e. anonymous etc), however if we do roll out the super user program then I'll make sure to contact you.

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This is just an idea but what about creating a IG token? Call it whatever but just for example, 'IG Coin'.

IG reward such tokens as rewards for content to community members if their posts are of sufficient quality and can lead to a transaction opportunity.

The IG Coin / Token can only be used on IG's platform and can be exchanged for fiat currency of the country in which the members are based to use only to trade on IG's platform.

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It's certainly an idea, although I'm not entirely sure of the logistical, legal, or regulatory possibility of that. The core idea is something we are looking at though, and if anything comes of it I'll be sure to let you know. 

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On 6/25/2018 at 4:06 PM, JamesIG said:

At the moment though I think we want to try and grow the Community a little more before formally putting something in  place. 

@JamesIG, My idea if implemented with good execution will help to grow the IG Community. Without incentivising people to post good quality on a regular basis then it will always be the same people posting similar things. One must think outside the box otherwise what is a good idea from IG in creating the Community will end up being just a few regular posters with links after links and charts after charts.

Below is just for example purposes only:

IG Token = IG Coin

0.01 IG Coins = 1p in fiat currency so 100 IG Coins = £1.00 in fiat currency

This can only be used on IG's platform and no where else so the money that IG awards it IG Community is invested / traded back on its own platform. Win / Win


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I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of others. What do people think about Blockchain, its potential uses and the IG Coin (token) idea?

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Some discussion on this would be useful for not only the IG Community but for IG itself to establish if there is a demand for the IG Coin or some sort of 'token' IG can issue its clients based on the quality of the articles posted.

What do people think? Does anyone has a better suggestion? There would have to be some rules obviously as otherwise @Caseynotes would be a very wealth owner of IG's issued tokens! ?

Also any thoughts on Blockchain and its future uses would be welcome. There are lots of Blockchain and AI projects in the pipeline. Blockchain and IOT is gathering momentum. Even Blockchain and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is gathering pace. 

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In my opinion I don’t think an IG coin would work, let alone the effort and back end requirement for something like that. Big project and not much value add. 

Wouldnt mind another community competition tho like there was before. 

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@PandaFace, thanks for replying and participating in this thread.

The value creation would be that the IG Coin could be converted into fiat to trade only on the IG platform so ultimately IG wins. Also the knowledge and experience that could be shared within the IG Community could also be non monetary value creation. If it leads to successful / profitable trades then again this creates value which may not be seen by the IG Community.

As they say the 'house always wins' and has the 'edge'. 



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When you say the house always wins and has an edge I don’t think that phrasingworks in this example. That’s a statement used to show odds tilted in favour of the company offering a gamble, and shouldn’t be used outside that. Saying a company benefits from an action is just that. I feel it can confuse some people. 

The issue is this - what happens if IG COMMUNITY people get money for posting and then people go on to trade and get in debt? Or does that then fall into th realm of ‘payment for services’ and have to be taxed in the same way as basically paying journalists on a ‘x pence per word’ commission structure which they usually do. How do you stop against spamming as well?

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@PandaFace, IG offers spread betting on cryptocurrencies which is a form of gambling. Having said that I see the point you are trying to make. 

Your points are what IG would have to consider should it wish to venture down this road. I have made a suggestion which I think would incentivise quality content and encourage discussion on the IG Community. For the time spent reading other posts, writing responses or creating new posts, this is all time consuming. I accept it does not take long to post a chart, post a link, a brief reply, etc. However, deep, meaningful content requires ones time. 

There used to be a poster that @Caseynotes will know who I am referring to who kept on posting the same old information time and time again like an online salesperson. Only IG can police such spammers by having some sort of assurance or quality control programme in relation to postings. 

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Yeh like Reddit with the upvote downvote option which always surfaces quality content quickly. Issue with that is you need so many people to properly get that going... 

i think it’s good to think out the box and appreciate reading your views and opinions to make this forum grow. 

I think they just need it more in the platform. So you can literally post IN the platform...

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On ‎6‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 5:52 PM, TrendFollower said:

A lot of people will be aware of smart contracts and smart property. These in my opinion will be Blockchain's initial biggest drivers. 

you said this in section 2. In my opinion I think it will be banking and finance and making things cheaper and the frictionless transactions between movement of things like money and shares. Why in 2018 do I have to wait three days for a settlement when I sell a stock - it's ridiculous.

I sent money to a pal the other day and it was 5 days over the weekd before they actually 'got' it. I think this will be the biggest chage and the best for the world.

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@cryptotrader, I agree with you, though I did say initial biggest drivers.

Ultimately, I agree it will lead to banking and finance and that movement has started now but we are still at early stages. Before it is applied to mainstream banking and finance a lot of testing and acquiring of start ups in this space will occur.  We are still a few years away from that.

We are now at the stage of Blockchain start ups specialising in niche areas where the technology can be applied to make processes more secure, faster and efficient. Most of these will fail but those who succeed and are able to clearly demonstrate this will be acquisition targets. These start ups will look to raise finance by Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's). That change is happening now though there is lots of bad publicity for ICO's linked with fraud and rightly so. Until there is better and more effective regulation this still will be a niche way of raising finance. 

Companies are slowly embracing this change but it will take time. You are right it will be applied to share transactions but the cost of changing current and legacy systems is huge for these large companies like Fidelity, Barclays, Hargreaves Lansdown, etc. 


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@cryptotrader, these two stories may be of interest to you and anyone else who feels blockchain's biggest drivers will be in banking and finance. 

JPMorgan Wants to Use Blockchain to Issue ICO Tokens


Barclays Pursues Blockchain Patents to Create Digital Currency Network


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For those who are interested and want to carry out some quick research then one will find that India is now rapidly looking into Blockchain and a specific state within India has already adopted Blockchain into its Land Registry system. 

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Last month, there was a first, blockchain bond issuance by the World Bank. In partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the international development institution used a private Ethereum blockchain to sell a two-year bond worth 110 million Australian dollars ($79 million) to seven investors.

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13 hours ago, TrendFollower said:

Last month, there was a first, blockchain bond issuance by the World Bank. In partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the international development institution used a private Ethereum blockchain to sell a two-year bond worth 110 million Australian dollars ($79 million) to seven investors.

you should back up with sources! I'm putting this to community but don't know where you found https://cointelegraph.com/news/banking-on-blockchain-world-bank-unpacks-launch-of-bondi-bond-with-australias-cba

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@cryptotrader, I agree it should be backed up by sources. I am extremely busy and try my best to participate within the IG Community.

Please accept my apologies.

If you look historically then you will find that most my posts are supported by sources. However, on this occasion one was not included. It may have been due to lack of time or that I simply forgot, I cannot remember. 

I sure do hope that everything you post going forwards is supported by sources! LOL ?

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I am posting a short YouTube video from the World Economic Forum on what Blockchain is. It is only about two minutes but for those who are interested in this area then they may find it a well spent two minutes.


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This article really supports the potential of Blockchain.

Blockchain Could Boost Trade Finance by $1 Trillion, WEF Research Says


Another interesting article is below.

The World Bank is a verified blockchain booster


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    • The exit point set represents the bottom of the channel and a clear support level, this is how to maximise profit. There are only three potential exit points for a trend follower. 1. the stop is hit. 2. the trend is broken. 3. the channel is hit. If you wait for the trend to break you will lose around half your profit, Sell High Buy Low in a downtrend. It is also a myth that you only trade with the channel, in a clear zigzag trend you could buy the lower channel because in both trades the entry point offers very low risk. The $1249 level is not an opinion just a projected point on the channel. I have no idea how high or low Gold or Crypto or any other instrument will go, I just follow the charts.
    • @Foxy, Thank you. Spot on. I totally agree that the trend is 'short' and the current trade is 'short', full stop. That is not up for debate in my opinion. However, I appreciate that lots of other traders on IG Community follow many different trading styles and philosophies and not just trend following. Just because I do does not make it right for everyone else.  This thread is relating to potential long gold trades. So to open up a discussion I have merely 'dart chucked' a few trading suggestions. 😂🎯 Whether the darts have hit their intended spots or have gone off the board we shall find out very soon.  The problem is that there are hardly if any trend followers who make themselves known on the IG Community so my audience for this thread are not really trend followers. Your expectation for trend followers is right. They would already be short and would only exit on any trend reversal.  However, let me ask you a question. If the price of Gold went down to around $1270 levels and held and did not breach below then do you think that level would provide strong support for Gold and enough for a potential trend reversal? I personally do not like setting exit targets. I notice you set $1249.00 as a target but if your short trade got to this level then what? Does your stop loss execute and you are out? If this is the case, what if the price continues going down? If in profit, I tend to switch to a trailing stop. If the Gold price goes anywhere near $1249 then for me that is a very bearish downward move for Gold in my opinion. I would be expecting stocks and crypto to be storming upwards in this same time period with RISK ON trading decisions being made.  Thank you very much for your contribution. It is very much appreciated and for the record I agree with your post. 
    • If 20 < 50 SMA and the Parabolic agrees, then it might be time to short S&P 500 soon.  
    • Haha, I will belittle myself constantly so that others don't have to. 
    • Not to me ... I see no difference between this kind of instrument and online gambling/casino/poker.  But at least the latter have some entertainment value. This kind of stuff is a million miles away from investing and it should be illegal for providers to use terms like 'trade' in relation to them.  It should be PLACE YOUR BETS.