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Blockchain Trilogy - Parts I, 2 & 3 + Easter Egg - By TrendFollower

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This article touches on security tokens. I have mentioned this in other posts and some of you may remember my references to 'Token Economy', 'Tokenisation' and 'Tokenomics'. If one opens their mind then one may begin to appreciate the strong possibility of this which could be coming towards a future very soon. 

‘Blockchain Revolution’ Is Bigger Than Anything We’ve Seen in History: Overstock CEO



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I assume you mean 'Proof of Work' when you state POW?

The World Economic Forum have no vested interest as far as I am aware trying to promote Blockchain.

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) are making some interesting predications and yes that is all they are predictions which should not necessarily mean they will come true but the article presents them below.

Blockchain will add US$3tn to international trade by 2030, predicts WTO


I have commented on other threads about the 'Token Economy', 'Tokenomics' and 'Tokenisation'. The article below is happening. 

Potential $20M Real Estate Sale Looks To The Blockchain


I think Blockchain is still gaining traction regardless of the 'noise' surrounding the price action of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. They are just merely behaving in major correction mode. This has happened several times before since inception. It is nothing new but Blockchain is continuing to progress. I accept the adoption is slow but large corporations are seriously looking to apply Blockchain technologies to their businesses. 

Time will tell but based on the reading and research I have conducted in this area I am confident that Blockchain is here to stay and is the coming future. There will be many areas where it is not needed and therefore not applied but for auditing purposes, supply chain purposes and transaction purposes it is already starting to gain momentum. 

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I wanted to share something rather positive in my personal opinion in relation to Blockchain with the IG Community. 

This was announced a couple of days ago to the market and media but could be just the beginning. 

Invesco launches blockchain ETF


Invesco partners with Elwood AM for blockchain ETF launch


The article below was published last week.

Invesco blockchain ETF to launch on London Stock Exchange


There are other Blockchain ETF's available around the world so this is not the first one by any means. Invesco is a heavyweight and listing on the London Stock Exchange adds to the credibility. 

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A lot of you will be aware that I am both very interested in the Blockchain sector and I also invest in it. 

I though this survey from PwC may be of interest to some of you who also have the same appreciation of the technology as I do. However, I think it may also be interesting to those who have serious reservations and doubts about the technology. 

Blockchain is here. What’s your next move?


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As I am from the UK, this article which I came across today but was released yesterday is rather interesting. It is also encouraging that the UK Parliament are taking looking into Blockchain applications seriously. 

UK Parliament Presented Showcase of Real-World Blockchain Applications


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Accountancy has been touted as one of the areas which could benefit from the use of Blockchain technology. 

The article below supports this point though I am sure there will be articles that do not. 

How will blockchain and automation change accountancy forever?


The key is to see real life applications for Blockchain. There are a lot of exciting projects in this area and the potential is there. The challenge is to see which of these real life projects can deliver some meaningful execution. Which can apply itself to real life problems and most of all solve them or deal with the issues more effectively. 

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There was a lot of people within the IG Community who felt that Blockchain was just a fad and there were no real life problems which it could solve and it would just fade away. Blockchain is still here and is gaining more and more traction. Yes the uptake is very slow but it is still here and getting stronger with tokenisation coming to the fore. 

Below is a rather interesting section from Goldman Sachs - Blockchain: The New Technology of Trust


It is not just Goldman Sachs but IBM, Facebook, Amazon, etc. They are all focussing on Blockchain and looking at ways to integrate it into their business. Once they do then the smaller companies will follow. This will take many years but there is going to be a lot of growth within the Blockchain sector in my personal opinion. 

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PayPal is now getting on the act when it comes to Blockchain. The article below may be of interest to some of you.

Paypal’s First Blockchain Bet: Digital Identity


Now when large institutions start getting involved in Blockchain like you PayPal's and IBM's then they are large enough to be able to drive it into the market and offer solutions to problems that many have not thought about or considered dealing with yet. 

Even during the Cryptocurrency mega downturn Blockchain was still gaining traction and this is evident in the large corporations starting to not only embrace the technology, better understand it but apply it to real businesses. This has the potential to be a huge market. 

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Data is going to be the new Gold going forwards. Data will be Key and Data will be king.

Storing data more securely and more efficiently will be critical. I appreciate Cloud storage is the 'in thing' right now but storing data using Blockchain is starting to be discussed. It could make it far more cost effective. Some of the key concepts for storing data using Blockchain is that this data can be stored forever and cannot be altered or tampered with. It is tamper proof. For audit purposes this is very important. 

I think the following article will explain my points above nicely. 

How data storage will shift to blockchain



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Two of the biggest brands in the world - Microsoft and Starbucks are going to work together by Starbucks using Microsoft's Blockchain Service to track Coffee. Now if Blockchain was a waste of time, overhyped and useless then why would both of these companies even bother?

I include the article in relation to this below:

Starbucks to Track Coffee Using Microsoft’s Blockchain Service


This is just another example of Blockchain gathering some serious traction and momentum with some big institutions getting involved. Once the big boys do then the rest of the smaller boys will follow. 

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Here I would like to share an example of a real company, using blockchain (real life example) with a benefit and increase of sales demonstrated. Supply chain tracking and auditing seems like an area where Blockchain technology can really assist and improve certain functions.

Carrefour says blockchain tracking boosting sales of some products


The source is Reuters so I will allow you all to make your own judgements in relation to the credibility of the source.


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Another example of large financial institutions taking Blockchain and Digital Payment solutions seriously. 

Japan’s LINE Pay and Visa Partner on New Blockchain, Digital Payments Solutions


They do not come much bigger than Visa, MasterCard and American Express and all of them seem to be partnering with Blockchain and working on Digital Payment solutions. Once they adopt this into there business then it will naturally trickle down to merchant terminals across the globe. It will take time and money to set up the infrastructure so patience will be required. I am sure mistakes and errors will be made and major changes will be required which will be very difficult. There will be different layers required and this will be a step by step process to create the infrastructure required. 

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There is some positive momentum and strong traction in the Blockchain sector right now. Here is another positive bit of news which for me is endorsing Blockchain as a technology and its application within real life businesses and situations. 

Visa Goes Live With Blockchain-Powered Business Payments Service



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