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Blockchain Trilogy - Parts I, 2 & 3 + Easter Egg - By TrendFollower

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First of all I agree with some of the points in the article. I would go as far as suggesting that 90% of ICO's and IEO's are garbage and to stay well clear of them. That does not mean every single one is. It is no different to the AIM Market which houses nano, micro and small caps. 90% of companies listed on AIM is trash. But that does not mean they all are. A good investor / trader will try and identify the quality and stay away from the rubbish. Full stop. 

To support IG, they do not offer the tokens generated from ICO's which are trash (the 90%) on its platform to trade. They are only offering a small selection which are supported by the largest market caps and liquidity. Now that still does not mean they will succeed or are quality. I accept that. 

Let me offer you a different view. Those who put their hard earned money into Litecoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are sitting on phenomenal profits. They have beaten every other asset class across the globe. @TheGuru12, have any of the assets you have traded since December 2018 to date beaten Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash? Don't forget there is something called a 'Stop Loss' to manage your risk and loss of any capital just like trading any other asset.

You should try complaining to IG about offering Cryptocurrencies and request they remove them and see how far you get!

Let me put it another way. Traders should be wary of putting their hard earned money into the wrong side of trades (directional) and end up losing on those trades, regardless of asset. 

Thank you for participating in this discussion and though you are on the opposite side it is fine to have a different view. I think what you need to do is provide evidence, data or information from credible sources that may support your view that all of Crypto is junk. I do not agree all of it is junk but if you genuinely think that then you need to articulate with some detail to demonstrate why. Remember I agree with you in the sense that the majority of the ICO's are useless and will disappear in the coming months and years. 

I trade to make as much profit as possible so I only want to try and identify and trade the strongest trending assets. Can you name me an asset class which is trending stronger that Cryptocurrencies and the coins that IG offers on its platform? If you have a good trading strategy and trading system then you should be able to trade most asset classes and Crypto's are no different. In fact I see a lot of similarities (volatility) with Commodities. 

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Yes but these returns are NOT sustainable. It lures people in to a false sense of security. 

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First of all, no returns are sustainable on any asset. That includes a share or commodity. If you trade based on price action then it really does not matter what the asset is and whether the returns are sustainable or not. You are trading based on the direction of the trend and the price action.

The trends for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash have been running for six months now. Therefore they have been sustainable for six months. What time period would you consider sustainable? The downturn in 2018 lasted around a year so there was a shorting opportunity for Bitcoin et al. For me that demonstrated sustainable returns on the 'Short' trade. 

If it lures you into a false sense of security then do not trade them. Full stop. No one is forcing anyone to trade an asset such as a high risk Cryptocurrency if they do not wish to. This asset class is very high risk and those not comfortable with the risk should absolutely stay away.  

There is something called risk management. Every trader should be applying this to their trading strategy. This will help to manage your risk and minimise your losses on any asset you trade whether that be a share, commodity or bond. Cryptocurrency should be no different.

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Here are some more articles that I wish to share demonstrating real life applications of Blockchain by real large and well known companies across the globe. 

IBM, Maersk’s Blockchain Platform TradeLens Is Shipping to Russia


Insurer L&G Uses Amazon Blockchain Service for Pension Deals


The real life use cases for Blockchain take time. It will be the very largest companies around the world who will adopt the technology first as they will have the biggest R&D budgets and employ the brightest people. It will then be filtered downwards to the smaller companies but this will take many years. Patience will be required. 

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If anyone had any doubts about the traction of Blockchain then the following articles should help see what real momentum there is along with appetite for Blockchain to be utilised.

Fidelity Digital Assets Is Hiring 10 More Blockchain and Trading Experts


Amazon, Deloitte, Fidelity Partner With IDEO CoLab on Blockchain Accelerator


Senate moves Blockchain Promotion Act forward


I could go on and on but these are the recent articles from today which to me highlight how serious the world powers whether it be governments or corporations are taking Blockchain technology. 

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Blockchain is still here. It has not disappeared and it has not be proven to be a FAD. More and more companies are adopting the technology. More companies are incorporating Blockchain though I accept the pace could be quicker but due to costs of change and complexities it is not always a cheap and quick process. One must appreciate that.

More and more larger corporations are seriously looking to Blockchain to offer solutions that can improve future performance. 

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Posted (edited)
On 12/06/2019 at 10:11, TheGuru12 said:



I am going to take the other side of the conversation, Be wary of putting your hard earned money anywhere near Crypto. 


Separating gullible (desperate) punters from their excess cash is the name of this game.

Reminds me of that scene from the Wolf of Wall Street where Leonardo DiCaprio makes an obscene gesture - bending over the naieve investor and having his way with him.

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I do not disagree with the article from Zero Hedge. One must remember that Blockchain solutions that large corporations are incorporating into their business solutions practice is totally different to ICO's and Crypto start ups that the article is referring to.

Context is king!

I accept the arguments that the majority or even as high as 90% of Crypto starts ups are junk and one should stay away from them. I totally agree with that sentiment. 

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The US and China are leading the way when it comes to Blockchain development. In my opinion the UK is missing a big trick here and so too is India with the calibre of mathematicians and programmers in India it really should be at the very least in third place. However the negativity and potential Cryptocurrency ban is hindering its progress in this area. 



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Blockchain is being used more and more in supply chain and traceability problems. From the reading I am conducting, Blockchain, is trying to solve these problems and issues.

It is well documented that there is implementation of Blockchain technology when it comes to the production and movement of Diamonds. De Beers has been instrumental in this area. This can be applied in food, drink and high value items. For food, IBM, has played a leading role. 

In my opinion there are two key issues that one must consider when looking at applying Blockchain technology to say commodities and its supply chains. One is the need to establish trust amongst different companies that could be anywhere in the world. They may not even speak to the same language and it may be totally different cultures involved when conducting business. The other is to manage securely large amounts of sensitive data. 

Blockchain can and is being used effectively in both of these areas. Yes it is small and yes it is slow but great things come to those who wait. Patience is required. 


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Some of you may find this article of interest.

President Xi Says China Should ‘Seize Opportunity’ to Adopt Blockchain


A lot of countries are now beginning to see the potential of Blockchain and once these countries start spending the necessary capital in developing solutions for improve efficiency within their countries then Blockchain will begin to become an integral part of data management and data solutions. Governments can provide large amounts of funding to Blockchain and if they do then boy is it going to be an emerging and trending area to invest in. 

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If the UK and US do not get their act together then I can see China becoming the world leader in Blockchain across the globe.

From Banking Giants to Tech Darlings, China Reveals Over 500 Enterprise Blockchain Projects


China have seen the slow reaction from the UK and US in terms of adoption. They have seen the uncertainty on a Government level with lack of investment and if China begin to flex their brainpower and capital into Blockchain then they could emerge as a clear winner in this area. 

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I have mentioned in previous posts and other threads that India is using Blockchain technology to improve security and efficient in their Land Registry system. Well it seems South America are going to join them. 

Inter-American Development Bank to Pilot Land Registries on Blockchain


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    • Well Bitcoin broke $8k and is currently around the $7.5k price area. It is not looking good at all.  It seems my $6.3k - $6.6k price area which I think could be the bottom or this specific downward move looks more likely now. I mentioned this price area on Monday (a few posts above) and now I think unless there is some serious buying or spectacular news followed by some serious pumping and short covering then Bitcoin is heading towards this price zone. 
    • There are many different ways to trade and applying or adopting trend following principles is merely just one such way. Trading more frequently does not guarantee any more success but it can increase the chances of making more losses if you do not have a robust trading system that is based on a sound trading plan. Trend following does not have to involve regular or frequent trading. That is the beauty of it. You can merely wait until you identify a trend which you wish to trade. Of course they will not all be successful as the trend could reverse sharply against you, it could be a false trend (looks like a trend but not) or simply the volatility could stop you out.  Day trading really is for full time traders in my personal opinion unless you have an expensive automated system which has been tested rigorously or you are an exceptional trader which can consistently make profits on most days without gambling, hoping or relying on luck.  Trend following suits me based on the time I have available to trade. I accept it is not for everyone but I believe all trading includes an element of trend following. Just how much depends on your trading style and methodologies adopted. 
    • The 20, 50 and 100 DMA curves on the 'daily' timeframe are sloping upwards which is extremely bullish and this trend has been very nice indeed.  When I talk about 'Strongest Trending Assets' in my other threads then I am suggesting those that a lot of traders do not spot but they exist and are available not only to trade on IG's platform but one must be able to spot and identify them.