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Indicator Alert functionality - New vs Old platforms

Guest SDav72


Guest SDav72

I have not been able to see this question asked elsewhere, apologies if it has.

On the old platform, it was possible, through the Alerts tab to access a dropdown menu that gave users the option to edit their alerts. This allowed users to simply reset an alert when it had expired without having to renter the details of each alert created. There does not appear to be a similar option in the New platform. This would seems to be a somewhat retrograde step forcing users to delete and completely re enter each alert as it expires. Is this the case?

It wold have been nice to see an improvement in functionality as this is usually the aim of rereleasing new versions of things. Can I suggest that IG informs clients of when an alert has expired? This could easily be done through the addition of a check box next to each alert on the Alerts tab or even a simple highlight.



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Hi @SDav72,  not sure if you have seen this or if it might help with which ever type of type of alert you are trying to set.

But just in case you missed it there is the check box for 'every time this occurs' that has a 6 months expiry date so the alert will sit in the alerts tab where it can be accessed and changed at any time if needed by clicking on the green dot. 




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Guest SDav72

Thanks for the response Caseynotes.

I have tried the green button as you suggest but after the "market" chart opens and I open the indicator alert tab on the right of the screen, I am simply shown the description I have give to the alert but none of the detail.

The tab does not show the type of indicator I have used or the specific parameters for it, unlike your screen shot above.  I'm using moving averages on the daily chart and it shows the correct time frame, but no detail. In fact it almost looks like an "add new indicator alert" screen.

There is definitely a testing flaw in the platform if you can get one result from one action and I get a different result.




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Hi @SDav72,  you are right in that pressing the green tab just brings up the chart and alert tab so if you need to change a chart price level you will need to go into 'add indicator' again. The screen shots were taken from the initial add indicator phase pointing out that if actual chart values were not needed to be changed then 'every time this occurs' could be used eg,  if ma crosses market price or another ma.

ps, if using windows you can use the snipping tool to capture and save images to include in a post.



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