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Is it possible to see estimated charges in open positions window

Paul M


I have noticed that the Open Positions window does not display the total estimated charges for sale of individual share holdings. This will lead to underestimation of losses and overestimation of profits when just viewing the P/L column. I am surprised that the charges are not displayed since the platform is already including these charges in calculating the overall account value. I am quite new to the platform and would appreciate any feedback on making charges and P/L visible on the Open Positions. Many thanks.   

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Thanks JamesIG. However If the platform is already using estimated commissions/charges etc to calculate the overall account value, I’m not clear as to why these commissions cannot be listed for each holding. Whilst they may not be absolutely precise they would provide some guideance. Presently the open positions window provides no indication of commissions and yet the platform has an estimate of them. 

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When you open the position (or at any time) you can edit the book cost to include whatever speculative commissions you will incur. Commissions are variable so we can't include them ourselves, and we also have the 'number of shares' and 'average entry price' columns matched with the 'current market price columns'. If we arbitrarily took our expected commissions then these wouldn't match up either and could cause confusion. Hope this helps. 

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