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Where is everyone?

Guest GuavaTree

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A lot of passive viewership it would seem. To give a bit of insight into Community we've had over 500 new clients sign up over the last couple weeks, 40k odd page views, and 8,500 unique IP (i.e. unique visitors). We have a good return visitor count for out 19,000 members who are all able to login via a seamless single sign on integration (ie. you're signed into the dealing platform and can access Community and be ready to post in one click). 

We're working on ways to increase the active engagement, but as a community we are more than happy to have this as a collaborative effort and will consider all feedback and suggestions. 

With that said July is generally a quieter period and I believe school holidays are starting to kick off?

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Guest PandaFace

I think it’s both @TrendFollower - education, question and answers, trade ideas. I think IG probably want all things to work. 

I agree you need to take the footy, the tropical weather, and the quieter July lul as usual. 

I don’t personally get why people don’t add a comment or two if they use this offering. I get a lot out of it. :)

@GuavaTree Let’s kick off a discussion on Monday? What interests you market wise? 

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