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How to make TT payment?

Guest Wong YC

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Guest Wong YC

Dear Sir,

I am thinking to transfer online payment to IG via TT. But need to get the full details e.g. IG bank account no, swift code, address, bank name, etc.

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Hi there - once you have signed up to the IG trading platform you will be able to see bank account details in the 'My IG > live accounts > deposit funds' section. You can see the location below. Also, please note that if you already have an IG account you can sign in to IG Community to make sure all your posts are in one place under the same login details as you currently use. 


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    • You know, after being around the crypto block a few times, I finally feel like someone is getting scaling right with this Taiko project. They seem to have cracked the code on addressing the major headaches we've all faced trying to scale Ethereum in a truly decentralized, transparent, and efficient manner. With Taiko, the whole show is open-source, permissionless, and driven by the community itself – no shadowy centralizers pulling the strings behind the curtain. And get this – they're actually writing all that juicy block data directly onto the Ethereum mainnet! That means everything is out in the open, decentralized, and there for anyone to verify the latest chain state. No more black box nonsense. Transparency is clearly a huge priority here too. Taiko insists that every single bit of executable data has to be publicly available and in sequence. So we regular folks can generate proofs for blocks using only what's out there for all to see. No more having to blindly trust some convoluted system, you know? But Taiko isn't just focused on keeping things open and transparent – they're also hellbent on making the whole block creation and proposing process as streamlined and efficient as can be. Their approach levels that playing field so anyone has a fair shot at adding blocks based on legit factors like fees and MEV rewards. No more relying on a handful of big dogs to keep the wheels turning. And you've got to admire their innovative spirit – they're even splitting up the block submission process into two parts to cut down on those pesky bottlenecks we've seen cripple other systems. Genius, if you ask me! Now, I know some of the jaded old-timers in our crowd might roll their eyes and say "Here we go again, another overblown project overpromising the moon." But hear me out – Taiko has managed to turn heads and rustle up over $22 million from major investment heavyweights like Sequoia China, OKX Ventures, KuCoin Ventures, and they've even gotten a nod from ol' Vitalik himself! That's no mean feat, let me tell you. I truly believe Taiko is onto something special here. They're taking on the huge challenges of decentralization, transparency, and efficiency head-on, but doing it in a way that doesn't abandon Ethereum's core values and principles. If they can pull this off, it could be the real deal for finally making scaling a practical reality. And you know what's got me extra excited? Taiko's very own $TKO token is now available for pre-trade over on Bitget exchange! I might just have to throw a little support behind this promising project and see where it goes. Who's with me, huh? Let's dive into the future of decentralized Ethereum scaling together!
    • Earning passively has never been easier in the crypto space. Ranging from airdrops to bounties and events to earn, A plethora of risk averse ways to earn exist.  Gleaning from these events, I have always taken initiative from this to hop on some of it in a bid to earn off the prize pool. Bitget have a thing for bringing these events.  Currently, there is an event where you can deposit some amount on the platform to earn from a prize pool of over $1M in trading bonuses. The criteria for participation is relatively easy, you just need to deposit with your credit card or via bank deposit to be eligible. The promotion is available to all new and existing users who have conducted transactions via credit/debit card channels using EUR/USD/GBP/AUD/CAD/JPY/CHF/PLN/TWD/AED/SEK/INR/MXN or made EUR/PLN transfers via bank deposit. To be fair, the rewards will be distributed based on the traders with the highest volumes.
    • DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON (also known as DOG) burst onto the crypto scene via the new Runes protocol. The project was airdropped to holders of the Runestone Ordinals project on April 24th, 2024, instantly propelling it to the status of the most widely held Runes token to date. What Sets DOG Apart? Bitcoin Roots: DOG is etched on the Bitcoin blockchain, emphasizing its connection to the pioneering cryptocurrency. Community-Driven: With no team allocation or presale, DOG relies on its community for growth and development. Mission: The moon is DOG's destination, and its mission is to onboard millions of people to Bitcoin. Recent Performance: DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON has seen a 13.04% increase in the last 24 hours, reflecting the community's enthusiasm in the upcoming CEX listings that may provide credibility to a project. Investors often view listings as a sign of legitimacy and trust. Will Bitget's reputation as a reliable exchange adds to DOG's credibility, potentially and attract more long-term supporters?
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