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London School of Economics Introduces Online Course on Crypto

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Here comes access to education which is vital to the future success of cryptocurrencies and ICO's.


One of my favourite sayings is, "Knowledge is Power."

Other counties are starting to offer degrees in this area. Gibraltar and Malta along with Ontario are at the forefront of more positive regulation in relation to blockchain, ICO's and cryptocurrencies. If memory serves me correct then Malta will be offering a degree in blockchain.

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Interesting one. Thought on this being the LSE getting on the hype train, or legitimately good value for money at £1800 for the course? If this didn't come with the LSE certificate at the end, would it be truly worth it? 


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First of all, you must start somewhere albeit at a basic level. With LSE support/backing it gives the course more credibility.

In terms of value for money then it really just depends on what you use the course for or why you pay the money and do it. For example, if you pay £1800.00 and pass the course and then get a job in Central London for say the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and then get a salary of at least £100,000.00 or more as an crypto asset manager then one could argue that the course has immense value. It is unlikely that this course would achieve that but if it does not change your life or increase your income in any way then it could provide to be of lower value. 

To be able to manage and allocate funds to crypto will require some form of qualification / accreditation due to the extreme high risks. This is merely a small starting block. Crypto Asset Management or asset managers wishing to allocate funds to cryptos will need professional qualifications. I can see a big demand for Blockchain degrees in the coming future.

Three to four year degrees will come incorporating Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, etc. once the demand is established. 

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