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Cryptocurrency / Blockchain - Education

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I am starting a new thread where any relevant material in relation to education for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain shall be posted here so that everything is on one thread and it eliminates the need to keep on starting new threads.

To start things off I am sharing this latest news from Bloomberg.


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A couple of weeks ago my wife's niece came from Boston, US and she is in the medical profession.

She was telling me how cryptocurrencies, blockchain, automation / robotics, artificial intelligence was flooding the medical / health care sector and health care start ups in Boston were using (above) to improve their business offerings. 

I have just read the link below which nicely illustrates and supports what she was telling me. 

US health care companies begin exploring blockchain technologies


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This is very interesting and I am sure this decision was not taken lightly either.

Lloyd's of London Makes Quiet Entrance Into Crypto Insurance Market


It just shows how the Crypto market is evolving and is becoming part of the future we are yet to see. This is why one must have an open mind and not let historical patterns and historical behaviour blind us to seeing a new vision and future. 

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India is a market with enormous potential for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. I was in India recently and was astonished at the level of knowledge that people in Gujarat have on this subject area compared to people generally in the UK.

The article below shows how serious India is about this area.

India’s Securities Regulator Conducts Global Study Tours On Cryptocurrencies And ICOs


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I have posted this on another one of my threads but this specific post sits nicely on both threads to catch a larger audience. It is a short two minute video from the World Economic Forum on what is Blockchain?


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This is a rather interesting article:

How the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain influenced higher education in the USA


This article offers the potential of Blockchain in an area which I had not really considered:

How blockchain could disrupt employee training


Once governments start offering the platform and opportunities for its younger generation to acquire the education, knowledge, understanding and application of this technology, countries around the world will really begin to see the benefits.

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Blockchain education is now a reality. 

It is available in select Universities in the UK albeit only a handful right now but it is a start. 

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I appreciate you are skeptical of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. 

Have a look at this thread. You may find things in this thread that give you a different perspective.

  • I just wonder if you have any 'technological' or 'digital' reason why Bitcoin will fail?
  • Is there anything in 'Cryptography' or the 'Blockchain' technology itself that you think will not work?
  • Do you not think there are improvements or amendments that can be made to further enhance Bitcoin, other Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain?

Where as I have a positive bias towards this asset class (though I am more than happy to accept that 90% of the projects in this asset class are junk and garbage which will fail) you seem to have a negative bias towards this asset class. Just forget the volatile price action of Crypto's for one moment. Any new asset class where people do not understand it fully is going to see such volatility. This has happened to many a big company in the past. What is it that gives you your negative bias?

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