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Mastercard Wins Patent for Speeding Up Crypto Payments

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The amount of positive news on Cryptocurrencies is staggering. I mean it is quite simply outstanding how this has been orchestrated. Magnificent. 

Mastercard Wins Patent for Speeding Up Crypto Payments


Right now it does not matter whether people still think Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are a bubble and all hype. What is important is that days like this must be enjoyed where one can go long with leverage and enjoy the wonderful price action. Traders make money and IG make money too! ?

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One of the things I find is that the people who feel that crypto is a bubble (they may be right) tend to have limited knowledge and experience in this specific area.

Due to a lack of knowledge and understanding they just cannot appreciate the revolution we are witnessing and experiencing in blockchain technology, digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, tokenisation, ICO's, etc.

I always let the price action and behaviour advise me and after several falls over several years in Bitcoin (big falls) and other cryptos it is still here and still way up from last year. If that is the behaviour of a bubble then yes Bitcoin is in a bubble. 

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    • One should treat trading like a business. In any successful business there would be a business plan. So for any successful trader there must be a trading plan.  There is a cheesy line but very true which is something like - failing to plan is a plan to fail.  Some of the best and most successful traders in the world will have and are more likely to have a trading plan. I would be surprised if they do not.  This trading plan can be an evolving plan which can be changed and adapted as situations change, knowledge improves, experience is gained, etc. 
    • We have seen some remarkable trends in 2019. We have seen Bitcoin in the first six months. We have seen the major US indices. We have seen Bonds for around seven months of this year. One can trade different assets using trend following principles. It really does not matter what the asset is as long as it is trending strongly and one can profit from its price movement. I think trading different assets using trend following principles allows a form of diversification. It really does not matter as you are trading based on price action and it is the price action that is important rather than the name of the asset. If you are stubborn and refuse to trade some assets due to personal beliefs, ego's, etc. then you face a real chance of missing out on the some of the potential trends that can significantly enhance your trading performance for the year.  Diversification can also be used as part of a risk management strategy.