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IG Annual Report

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Summary of IG's annual report with some interesting news on a upcoming but as yet undisclosed new range of CFD products post ESMA.


For those poor plebeians, unable to meet the requirements needed to reclassify as a professional, there is hope yet. IG Group will enable them to contract with their other entities, outside of the European Union, which aren’t subject to those pesky ESMA rules.

If they don’t want to leave the regulatory confines of the Old Continent, clients will also be able to trade in a range of new CFDs. IG Group did not reveal exactly what these CFDs will be in, only that they are going to be compliant with ESMA’s new regulations.

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There have been many discussions but you would probably not be too surprised  @TrendFollower  that many aren't interested in risk management and expect to burn out their first 2 or 3 accounts before hitting the jackpot, after all that's how the instagram jockeys did it, so they claim. 

It's interesting how little separates  SB and CFD and easy to see why esma just clumps them together as one and after all IG were the ones to launch many of these products which is why I am intrigued as to what IG have up their sleeve. Having had the time to pull apart the new regulations I'm wondering if they have come up with some original new products that might lessen the esma sting. 

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Guest PandaFace
1 hour ago, Kodiak said:

Hope its something like this?


So very similar to an etf? 

Actually that’s quite funny. You can get 5x ETF’s which is a margin rate of 20% equivalent ... 

esma is less lev than that

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