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New statement format

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The new statement format is as user unfriendly as it gets. For people that keep records, it is almost unreadable.

As they say, if it aint broke, dont fix it.


By putting it in chronological order, it makes it very difficult to keep records per product, which is how it used to be formatted.


What is the rationale for changing it to this new layout? I doubt it is better for any customer; quite the opposite.

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Thanks for your feedback, and sorry to hear the changes haven't been well received.  The update to our statement format was to bring consistency to all of our reporting channels in terms of being in chronological order.  The main benefits of these new statements are that they contain the full deal reference IDs, which can be provided to us to identify and resolve any dealing queries, whereas previously they were not displayed in full.  In addition, we have added seconds to the timestamps, for greater accuracy and detail.


However, I've passed your points on to our statements team, and they can consider any further updates going forward.


Does anyone else have feedback on this new format?  The more feedback (positive or negative!) I can gather the better.





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Hi again 


I just wanted to let you know that after your feedback earlier this week, we've decided to revert to the original layout of the statement, ordered by product and then chronology.  This should take effect in the next couple of weeks.


Thanks for letting us know your thoughts!



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Guest Olivier

Why Can't I get a detailed statement of cash? - I want something like a bank statement with running balances.

The daily statements are useful if you know the dates but useless for a check on the account.

Thanks Simon

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