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ISA wrapping

Guest Cyspeculator

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Guest Cyspeculator

Hello all, looking for some advice.

I have both share dealing accounts and a smart portfolio, i top up my share dealing account monthly with a set amount of cash and the portfolio i have left so far with the sum i first put in.  Both together or individually will come nowhere near the max amount of the ISA limit for the year.

The question is can i make the share dealing account be inside an ISA wrapper and is the smart portfolio already classed as an ISA.

Any help appreciated, and i hope it's not silly questions i have asked.


With regards mr w

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Guest PandaFace

You can ‘bed and isa’ the shares (sell in one and buy back in the ISA) but you can’t just move them. You can also just transfer the cash if you don’t have it invested.

as for smart portfolio I have no idea. Assume there is an isa optio .

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