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Please name me one company you've ever contracted with that feels it’s acceptable to make an arbitrary evaluation and use a hidden fee structure based on the "magical 4 trades" that then turns out - having myself taken 4 trades myself last month and been charged - not to be acceptable and you get charged? It's unprofessional.

I wouldn't mind the fees so much were it not for the constant never ending stream of tech problems using PRT (been on it for 2.5 years) and it's been noticeably worse since the "upgrade" to version v10.3.

Faults including but not limited to:

1) Flashing repeated messages of "do I want to save changes before closing this window" when I'm modifying an indicator's code. This flashes about 10+ times and then stops so I can actually hit save.

2) Greyed out auto trading assists: I'm getting greyed out rules in a system and so I have to delete the rules and then reimplement them to get it to work every single time I login for a fresh session and launch the system. Deleted the whole system and recreated it.. only to find the next day that the rules are greyed out and un-editable in simple assisted creation.

3) Indicators that fail to load below the main price chart in their own separate window and end up squashed at the bottom of the main price chart - very hit and miss as they will load correctly most of the time.

4) Closing out of running trading auto systems "due to a technical error." This happens all to frequently. 4 out of 5 systems stopped withing a bout a week since a 20th July launch.

5) Occasional missing results page on backtesting a system or drawdown figure. etc etc..

PRT cited some other tech issues I had, on my last computer - a Macbook  Pro 17" now that I have a new Macbook Pro 15" Touchbar with 16gb of memory and a 3.1ghz chip and with no other faults on any other single piece of software I use, are they still going to pass it off as user error whilst charging me for the privilege?

Because PRT can't replicate the faults doesn't mean I imagined them or they didn't occur. The least they could do is actually acknowledging the problems exists and own the problem. Having said all this, what is the point of creating an otherwise amazing platform with all the bells and whistles on, if you have to spend half your time investigating issues and writing support tickets and have little confidence that systems won't be stopped due to tech glitches?

Wondering now if I should've stuck with The TurtleTrader Curtis Faith's Trading Blox s/ware..


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