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Price spike 15 minutes in post-close

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I'm currently trading with a demo account, learning some basics and just out of curiosity. I have a question regarding a rapid price move and hope somebody can help me figure out the reason.

I was long on US Tech 100 Cash bought at 7400.9. At 4:10 PM EST the price raised within fractions of a second to 7442.2 only to drop back to 7384.1 at 4:30 PM.

What are the reasons for such rapid price moves in post-close hours? Furthermore I'm curious why the above mentioned prices were only visible in the trading account and were not showing up on the public chart at https://www.ig.com/en-ch/indices/markets-indices/us-tech-100 ?

Thanks for clarification


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Hi and welcome to IG. well, spotted buddy.

I noticed the same thing happened on all indices at 9pm?? tonight: TheDOW moved over 200 pips within 10 mins? spiked up then down? Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanx Trevbeats.

2018-08-22 08_20_49-Swing vs Scalp - General Trading Strategy Discussion - IG Community.png

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5 hours ago, WillA said:

@brickz @Trevbeats thanks both we are aware of this issue and investigating under the reference INC0256609. I am unsure when it will be resolved however hope it is soon.

It is an IG issue affecting demo only, prices jumps are incorrect.



 1861840692_US500_20180822_21_08.png.7021a5bc4a5b7afa3317cc00bbc8312c.png  I was worried as no one else had the spikes? As you can see I have clearly marked out the 2 jumps hope this helps.

Sorry for once again for added previous pictures with too much info. I know how to do export now. 

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