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Stock Scan and Filter

Guest amackie


Guest amackie


I'm using the ProRealTime account, albeit still in the demo version, but noticed that I can download third party ad on options for my platform. Are these safe/ do they work? 

I am after a stock scanner similar to the TD ameritrade Think or swim stock hacker, where by I can filter stocks for whatever I wish. For example, I can select a 3% change during premarket and volume above 5000 etc. This way, i can filter to the stocks i deem suitable for me. The ProScanner that IG has doesn't seem to do this. Any ideas please of an add on? 



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Please also make sure you are fully aware of how the individual codes work when downloading from third party sites. 

If you're looking at automatic trading strategies on PRT (or any other offering such as MT4 or API stuff etc), what results will occur from each one, how to stop them, and maybe test on demo accounts first to learn the ins and outs. Due diligence is always key when looking at trading software you download.

Stock scanners (like the ones discussed above) on the other hand are less risky, but still - please make appropriate fact checking measures if you believe it to be appropriate. 

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Guest amackie

Ive had a look through prorealcode but xouldnt find the exact thing i was looking for. Could anyone please recommend a stock filter / screener like in the attached photo please? 


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some good suggestions here from @TrendFollowerand @Caseynotes

I think you will struggle to get the pre-market data unless you have access to live (not delayed) prices.

The IG Screener will give you the change versus prior five days but not change on y/day close - which is presumably what you are after. I think you will have to look to a few of the sources above from @TrendFollower as I cannot see a volume criteria on IG. 

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