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MT4 login - demo Vs live details

Guest Neil


I     have a live MT4 account. My chart is in demo mode. Tried to overide demo log in details with details of my "Live" log in details. Failed to get live charts. The log in box always reverts to demo log in details and Demo-IG server.

I think? I have the right "Live" log in details. I am confused - help?

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Hi @Guest Neil, 

check you have the following;

demo and live have separate feeds, you need both;


Demo and live appearing as separate accounts in 'Navigator',  that is where you switch between the two;


If demo doesn't appear go to 'File' to 'open new account;


Click on the demo feed to highlight and follow on screen instructions to open a new demo account;


Let us know how you got on.


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Guest Turnip230248

I just lost my demo....arghhh....cannot log into demo. Navigator - I click on Accounts and nothing appears ?

Yet I have a live funded MT4 account with IG ?

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Guest Turnip230248
3 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

Hi @Turnip230248, what do you see under accounts, are there the demo and live icons as in my pic (num 2)?

You need to double click on the live or demo icon to make it active.

You can open a new demo account at any time in just a minute following the instructions in my post. 

Accounts -nothing. Clicking produces nothing. I need to get a live MT4 account - I have funds in my MT4  IG account page -I checked.


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Guest Turnip230248
6 minutes ago, Turnip230248 said:

Accounts -nothing. Clicking produces nothing. I need to get a live MT4 account - I have funds in my MT4  IG account page -I checked.

Would it be easier to uninstall IG MT4 and reinstall ?




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Guest Turnip230248
10 minutes ago, Turnip230248 said:

Newly re-installed and charts waiting for update

Fixed -closed "waiting to update charts" windows and popped in a couple of new ones from "Market Watch" window.

Now have live functioning MT4 platform - thanks for all the help Casey

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No problem @Turnip230248,  one of the first things to do is to set up a chart in the colours you like and set as a template to use on any additional charts. Then consider downloading the IG mt4 apps package which includes the mini terminal which puts a deal ticket on the chart and once a trade is entered adds adjustable limits and stop levels. Once downloaded drag and drop from the list or just double click to add to any active chart.




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