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no easy ways to draw point to point line( keep horizontal).

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Hi Guys,

I am very frustrated to draw a point to point line, but keep it horizontal. When drawing point to point line, there is no way to adjust the values to keep it horizontal .

The reason why I do not use the horizontal line feature is I do not want the left-to-right horizontal line in the chart to be everywhere, which makes the chart messy.

Basically the feature I need is to find a monthly/weekly/daily highs/lows, and start draw a horizontal line from that point and extend it to the right. The closest tool I found is point to point drawing.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,



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Hi @MaxJ,  I prefer to use point to point too but don't find it a problem to align, on the IG new platform you can click on the line and call up 'edit' which will show small circles to drag and drop to align.

You may be referring to point to point lines getting out of shape as you move to different chart time frames but that is a generic problem to all platforms and occurs on trendlines as well.

If you are referring to the MT4 platform you can achieve the same adjustment tabs by double clicking on the line and look for small white boxes at each end to adjust up or down or a central box to raise or lower the line horizontally.



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Thanks Caseynotes. I understood what you meant.  When I said horizontal, that means precise(less than 0.1 pips difference for example), like when we draw using horizontal line.  I found whatever I adjust in monthly chart for example, it is not horizontal in low time frames(a few pips difference  ). Even going to low time frames to adjust it, it is still difficult to keep it precise. 

BTW, I like MT4. by holding down shift key when drawing a point to point line(using trend line), it is horizontal, won't move at all.

Thanks again for your advice.

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Hello James l have the same problem, it is very frustrating, can l suggest an update so that the line stays horizontal while pressing Shift or Ctrl at the same time... please fix



 l use Shift and scroll on my mouse to stretch the chart then l can get an accurate horizontal level on my point to point. PS scroll more to check it...





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I think this is the same problem (as @MaxJ describes it), as trendlines never matching on lower time frames when drawn on higher time frames, I did read up about it a long time ago and have forgotten the details, but it had something to do with the way info for each time frame was packaged and transported to the next with the limit to the values used causing discrepancy further down.

I have never come across a platform that repeats lines perfectly on all time frames. 

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Thanks all for your comments.

There are three kinds of lines I am interested in.


  1. Horizontal lines with the level  value marked on the left (this feature already was there. That is the most drawing feature I used so far, thanks to the auto-focus feature in the new platform, it saved a lot of time to locate the tip of a candle)
  2. The second type is similar to the horizontal line, but only extend it to the right of the chart, not the left. ( This should be quite easy to be implemented).
  3. The third type is a horizontal point to point line. It is ok to be out of shape after changing to the low time fame. That does not mean it is not horizontal any more in low time frame. I meant it is ok it does not reach the point you draw in high time frame. You can always extend it again in low time frame. But still need to keep it horizontal when extending it.


All of these should not be difficult.


I can understand why the trend line you draw in high time frame will be out of shape in low time frame. It is reasonable, even in MT4 it will be out of shape.


Currently I found some workaround (not perfect). I used the gann fan feature, and keep the angle is 0. One problem of this is the line is not long enough(no visible) when you change to low time frame.  It is not ideal, but that is what we got so far.


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