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The IG spread on Rightmove PLC DFB is wrong

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The IG spread on Rightmove PLC DFB is wrong

It recently became a FTSE100 share and so the IG spread should be 0.001 not 0.0025.

Please fix asap.

Thank you in advance.

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The spread is whatever IG Index decide. It's not wrong. Are you sure you mean the spread?

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I think IG has a special tier spread rate for FTSE 100 listed companies but regularly fail to implement it on new arrivals, mancunian is a regular contributor on a mission to keep IG on their toes. 

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9 hours ago, TheGuru12 said:

The spread is whatever IG Index decide. It's not wrong. Are you sure you mean the spread?

Hi - on shares the IG spread is fixed and is wrapped around the underlying market. IG does not decide the spread outside of this fixed 0.1% and this is a common misconception (for example on FTSE 100 shares). What the OP is referring to is the 0.1 Vs 0.25 as seen in column 2 in the highlighted rows. Hope this clarifies our process :) 

2018-09-26 09_10_44-Shares spread bet product details _ IG UK.png

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 I spot these quite often and it is usually after a FTSE100 re shuffle.

To clarify I am referring to the IG spread only and not the market spread.  It is easiest to see this when the market is closed as then there is no market spread and just the IG spread.

IG spreads for FTSE100 shares DFB are  0.001 and James and the IG team are usually very quick to rectify these.

Thanks James

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