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Guranteed Stop vs Normal Stop

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Hi All,

I a newbie for this trading. After go through couples of trading materials.

I found Guranteed stop is the ONLY option in Live account but Normal Stop at Demo Account.

So will we possible have normal stop in our live account since we trade in smaller volume trade instead.

As the guranteed stop premium is such a waste by paying extra when it hit the stop limit.

And it din't match with my risk reward ratio as rational commonly set at 1:2 ?

By applied guranteed stop it would become 2:1 reversely...

As I believe, there no perfect trade can win every single trade in the world.

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@LittleAngel, a guaranteed stop loss order guarantees to close out your trade at the price level specified, irrespective of whether the market gaps. Guaranteed stops ensure that no matter how volatile the markets, your risk will never exceed the level you have chosen.

I know that IG have guaranteed stops which cost you an extra few ticks/pips in the spread. I can understand this in commodities or very volatile markets. I am not so sure on large caps (FTSE 100) or more less volatile markets.

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