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Migrating from Chrome to Firefox (Share dealing Charts)

Guest Soulwake


Guest Soulwake

Hi all,

I've recently been struggling in Chrome (Windows 10) with unresponsive and generally temperamental charts.

I decided to give Firefox a go, and I'm pleased to say I have improved results. More fluid charts, and less lag between switching tabs etc.

Looking around the board, I know a lot of you have similar struggles with the flash charts provided by the old platform, so if your willing to follow suit, the switch might just help.

Hence this post; It wasn't immediately obvious how to install flash onto a fresh install of Firefox, since it seems they no longer openly support it.

If you already have Firefox it may already exist in 'Menu>Add-ons>Plugins'. If installing from scratch, you now have to download direct from Adobe https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ be sure to select your operating system and browser. Run the installation (dodging the bloatware!), restart Firefox, open a chart and follow the prompt.

Hope this helps.



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