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Bitcoin Breakout

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A quick smack down as well. Doesn't look like a pump and dump either where you would expect to see a sudden huge single candle then a steady controlled sell off as the pumpers exit exchanging contracts with the FOMO'ers.

This was a steady growing ramp up then sudden huge selling like someone took the opportunity to get out big.

15 min chart.



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That was certainly short-lived. Which market(s) does IG use to set the price for BitCoin? The move here all the way up to 7340.80 was much higher than at say eToro which only got up to 6751.

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Guest Tractiontrading
34 minutes ago, anders said:

That was certainly short-lived. Which market(s) does IG use to set the price for BitCoin? The move here all the way up to 7340.80 was much higher than at say eToro which only got up to 6751.

There is also a large difference in BTC price between IG and Plus500. Historically they were $40 apart, from this morning it’s more like $400-500 apart. Anyone know why?

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7 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

Seeing the usual wide range on the different exchanges,  the day high is between 6810 and 7788 for Bitfinex, GDAX and Kraken ...



So is the explanation that IG, eToro and Plus 500 use a different set of exchanges to determine the price? I've not noticed such a wide divergence before.

(Helps me to understand the SEC's reluctance to allow ETFs when even respected players have such a variance on price.)

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    • As someone always hunting for promising blockchain projects, VeChain definitely piques my interest with its laser focus on supply chain management. Let me break it down: The Strengths: - They're tackling a legit, valuable use case by applying blockchain for supply chain traceability and data integrity. Not just another ETH copycat. - The corporate partner list is straight fire - Walmart, BMW, LVMH, PwC, and more. Shows they're getting real-world traction. - Innovative tech like multi-party payments, controllable transaction lifecycles, and multi-task transactions. Their engineering team isn't messing around. - Proof-of-Authority consensus fits nicely for an enterprise blockchain without the energy guzzling of Proof-of-Work mining. - Granular product tracking via RFID/NFC/QR code unique IDs allows tight supply chain monitoring. - Capturing rich data sets and recording it immutably on the blockchain creates a beastly audit trail. - The community-elected Steering Committee governance model could balance decentralization with stability. Potential Weaknesses: - As slick as the partnerships are, VeChain is still a relatively new platform compared to the OG blockchain titans. - Adoption could be an uphill battle if businesses are reluctant or incapable of revamping their supply chain systems. - Putting all that product and business data on a public blockchain raises privacy and compliance concerns. - Scalability is a question mark when it comes to handling massive supply chain transaction and data storage volumes. - The environmental impact at scale could be an issue depending on the energy requirements. - The token utility and economics are still taking shape - what exactly drives demand for VET? Word on the street is VET has already caught the eye of exchanges like BitGet with some added promotions and events. Not a bad start! Overall, I'm really digging VeChain's clear real-world use case and the traction they've already got with those big business partners. Supply chain tracking and data integrity enabled by blockchain? That's compelling stuff in my book.  Solid potential here for sure, but I'm keeping expectations measured. You can bet I'll be continuing to research this one as a potential investment. The supply chain premise alone has me intrigued.
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