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IG is busy annoying me



Having traded Oil for £0.25/pt since the margins changed a few weeks ago they have changed the size yesterday to £1/pt WITHOUT any prior notice or communications. I know that I am most probably the smallest fish in their tank but a bit of common decency from them wouldn't go amiss and will be looking at to move my account to a competitor soon.



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37 minutes ago, MisterK said:

@JamesIG due to personal circumstances I am not allowed to have a Spreadbetting account and can only trade in a CFD account . I have logged a call and had a few emails from IG but nothing has been resolved so far.

I've just checked and can see that you should now be able to get 0.25 of a £1 contract (i.e. the equivalent of 25p per point movement) on both Brent and US Crude oil. 

I believe this should have resolved your issue and brought those minimums back in line. 

EDIT: it also looks like we have resolved the instance of UK clients having EUR contracts on their accounts. Let me know if this isn't the case. 

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Hi - let me just look into this for you. If any other clients are experiencing this please let me know by adding a comment below.

Put simply, a UK CFD clients shouldn't have access to Euro denominations. Whilst you can change this via the following drop down, there should be consistency between the minimums. We'll investigate this but as above - any additional accounts would be useful. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 

2018-10-16 10_28_19-IG Trading Platform _ CFD.png

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