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Share Trading platform - GTC not available



Hi there,

Myself and a few other IG users that I introduced have issues with the Share platform.

So far every stock we have entered to buy on the Share Portfolio has the same issue - the is no GTC function.

Examples are as follows.... there are hundreds more.

Australian stocks.

Telstra - No GTC available 

ANZ - No GTC available


Netflicks (NFLX)- No GTC available

Eagle Bulk shipping (EGLE) - No GTC available


Bank of America (BAC) - No GTC available

Genco Shipping & Trading (GNK)   - No GTC available

Is it me?  Am I logged into the wrong share platform ?

Can you tell me if this is a permanent issue with all your stocks?

Could you possible tell me which stock does have a GTC function on the share porfolio so I can investigate.



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Hey, I believe I answered this on a different thread but I can't see to find it right now. To summarise "Several exchanges, including the NYSE and NASDAQ no longer accept GTC orders, including stop orders. They have decided that such orders are a risk to investors who may see their orders executed an inopportune time due to temporary volatility in the market." 

We offer a pure DMA (direct market access) functionality where we don't come between your input order and the underlying exchange. Because the exchange themselves don't offer the order type, we don't either. Whilst some brokers do offer a sort of hybrid DMA where they take your order and automatically push a synthetic GTC order type (but automatically submitting your order as a new order every day), this isn't currently a function we provide. 

I appreciate that some clients do want this functionality, so I'm going to go and speak to our Head of Shares directly to relay feedback items such as this (as well as things like DRIP functionality etc). 

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