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Why close the poppers?

Guest Bullyy


Whilst I appreciate that IG is a broker and does need to make money. The fact that 79% of retail clients lose money should mean their business is very profitable.

However, I am getting pretty sick of seeing a stock that I want to day trade on my scanners only to find that this market is in close only mode, unavailable to trade or something similar. I understand that IG are not the only ones, Suretrader do this in a little less blatant fashion by removing leverage for these stocks however my main point is my first one. Why am I not able to trade the stocks that I want to trade? It's doing my head in and means I then need to go to other brokers that I have with a much worst platform. Whilst I love the IG trading platform, the basic fact that 79% of their retail clients are losing money means that they should be able to stomach this cost for those that are more experienced.

Any thoughts? Would love to hear from IG directly about this one.


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Guest PandaFace

I think this is more to do with risk rather than anything else. As a broker they just excecute your deal in the underlying market rather than it being against them so not really an issue. As caseynotes said liquidity and stuff like that. 

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Hey - the availability of stock is down to a number of things including market cap, free float levels, short interest and liquidity. There are a number of other variables but these are the main ones. Stocks which fill these criteria will generally have significant volatility and potentially cause risks and problems for those dealing on leveraged share dealing accounts. Most of these you'll be able to deal via a share dealing account (if you're in a location which allows it) just not on leverage. 

It's in our interest to offer as many dealing opportunities as possible, not only because a successful trade is required to generate commission (or spread), but also because continuity and levels of services are important. These factors, however, shouldn't come with unnecessary risks such as those outlined above. 

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