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Client Sentiment - All on one page?

Guest PepperB

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Guest PepperB

At the bottom of each currency pair page is a widget box with 5 other pairs, showing client sentiment. Is there any way to show more than that at one time? I'd like to be able to see the client sentiment for 15-20 pairs at a glance. How can this be accomplished?

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I've built an Excel Add-in and have added some client sentiment formulas. What I find interesting is the much higher proportion of long positions across all asset classes. Surprisingly the FTSE100 is the least shorted of all the major stock indices. 

In the FX world, IG clients are long on all major pairs, regardless of whether they are effectively long or short the USD.

I will post this again with updated data, will be interesting to see how it changes over time (I suspect it won't actually change that much!).


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I must admit I don't know exactly how IG determine the sentiment number, I presume it is based on number of global clients and how they are positioned? I also presume it gives equal weight irrespective of position size, so the £0.01 a pip trader is counted a one position, same as the £1000 a pip trader.

I think the fact that most clients are long on most markets is interesting. I also think it would be interesting to track how these numbers change over time. Perhaps you could use changes in sentiment to trigger trade decisions and track performance over time. My gut feel is that it could be a good contrary indicator....

Does anybody else look at client sentiment?

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Thanks for this @andysinclair, it's a great idea to collate all the sentiment data and present it on one page. DailyFX have long used this data, as you suspect, as a contrary indicator, firstly data input from FXCM and lately from IG.

You are right to wonder how the IG data is determined, (volume/size, number of transactions, number of traders short/long). IG specifies it is simply the number of their retail traders short/long so it is a simple vote ya or na irrespective of size of conviction.

Following this over years it is interesting that the percentages don't leap about but rather move more like the tides.

You seem to have calculated the data differently though, in the 'indices' thread I've posted DailyFX IG data previously and the latest real time on S&P 500 is the top pic showing currently 76% IG clients short while the second pic is from a post in the thread from 4th March showing 75% short. 

To be honest your data actually seems more realistic but I couldn't say why there is such a large discrepancy. 




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Guest RichB-Trader


Like the idea! But first where do you get the sentiment data from for indicies or stocks? Can’t seem to find it? Thanks.

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@RichB-Trader I am getting the data from the IG Index API via my Excel Add-in, I wrote a brief tutorial about it here (there is also an example spreadsheet): IG Index Client Sentiment Analysis Using Excel

@Caseynotes I can't explain the discrepancy with the SPX sentiment data, I am simply retrieving the raw number from the API.

@TrendFollower I think the most interesting thing about the sentiment numbers I have looked at is the high bias towards long positions, perhaps influenced by traders more inclined (no matter what the market is doing, what their system signals etc.) to go long rather than short.

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9 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

ok @andysinclair, so the table you posted was just a sample taken from the web page https://www.excelpricefeed.com/tutorials/excel-igindex-client-sentiment-analysis  and is not up to date?



It was from there but I've just noticed those numbers are from the demo API, which for some reason is different from the live API....

Here's the current table, just updated from the live API:


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On 30/10/2018 at 20:11, PepperB said:

At the bottom of each currency pair page is a widget box with 5 other pairs, showing client sentiment. Is there any way to show more than that at one time? I'd like to be able to see the client sentiment for 15-20 pairs at a glance. How can this be accomplished?

Hi @PepperB

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience on our platform. That’s why we’re considering new ways to enhance your journey before you place a trade.

As such, we’ve designed a brief poll to understand which market and pre-trade analysis you find useful – as well as any additional features or improvements you’d like to see on our platform.

Your input will help us determine the type of tools you’d like added to the market details section of our client sentiment indicator.

Your opinions directly affect the improvements we make to our platform, so head over to the poll to cast your vote now.

The poll closes on Friday 29 July 2022, so be sure to submit your vote before then.





All the best - MongiIG

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