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Stellar and Ripple - 2019's Best Performing Cryptocurrencies

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I think Stellar is performing remarkably well in the latest crypto correction.

I have attached the link below on the latest cryptocurrency market caps and as you can see Ripple has overtaken Ether and is now in 2nd place and Stellar is creeping upwards and is now in 5th place and is certainly trying to oust Bitcoin Cash which is in 4th place. Bitcoin Cash may have helped Stellar with the recent fork. 


I think in terms of partnerships and real life use cases Ripple and Stellar are leading the way and their price action based on the current charts seems better than the likes of Bitcoin and Ether. Stellar and Ripple are my tips for 2019. I think they both could be the best performing cryptocurrencies within the next 12 months.

This is only an assumption and it will be tested and proved either right or wrong based on the price action going forwards. 

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Stellar is up 7.64% at the time of writing. I have included the chart below.


Ripple is up 1.85% at the time of writing and I also include the chart below.


As you can see both charts look far more resilient since middle of September 2018 to date than the likes of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Also the trades on Ripple and Stellar seem more favourable in terms of margin requirements especially when taking leverage into account.

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Stellar is 4.4% and Ripple is up 5.5% at the time of writing this post. 

There seems to be a disconnect occurring between Stellar and Ripple compared to the other top market cap cryptocurrencies based on price action. 

I think if Ripple was to cross 58.00 and Stellar was to cross 28.00 then these two could become very interesting especially if trend followers and speculators decide to join the party. It could drive the price up for Ripple towards 100.00 and Stellar towards 50.00 in 2019. 

I thought this article which I have just come across is rather interesting.

XRP and Stellar (XLM) Continue To Thrive Amidst Market Turmoil


In my opinion Stellar and Ripple are getting very interesting. Stellar is targeting the 'individual transactions' and Ripple are clearly targeting 'business transactions'. They both have different targets but if these can execute their strategies well then both their prices have upward potential. They seem to have the most momentum at this moment in time hence why their charts are looking more positive than Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. 

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Is Stellar gearing up for another move upwards?



Stellar could be potentially looking to break out and join Litecoin upwards. This coming week will be interesting.

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Stellar is starting to create some very interesting price action.

Look at the volume (no. of green bars) supporting the price rise.

Now look at how the (green) curve for the 20 DMA is sloping upwards. This is a short term bullish indicator. However it is short term and a lot of them can reverse rather quickly. The key is to see the same sloping upwards for the 50 and 100 DMA's which are sloping sideways. They are not sloping downwards which again is a more positive sign for Stellar.

Now look at the Parabolic SAR and how it supports both the price action, volume and moving averages. 

This is Crypto and Stellar can easily come crashing down so this is an extremely high risk trade. 

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Stellar seeing some positive price action now.

With the Coinbase Pro news traders are now looking at building positions on Stellar. There are several tokens that have gone onto make stellar gains after listing on Coinbase. Of course no guarantees that Stellar will do the same but it has nearly doubled in price from its  recent 52 week low. 

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