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Einstein's Definition of insanity

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"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" (although it is often attributed to Einstein there is no clear evidence he actually ever said it...)

I think this is a massive trap failed traders fall into and it is what washes them out.  After a while you hear the same things over and over again in terms of failure but we often prefer to talk about success, or tips or argue about methods and so on.  For a new trader or a struggling trader the short video below is food for thought.  It won't turn around your trading if your method is flawed or doesn't suit your personality or you have other psychological blockers in play or you haven't done sufficient research and learning and tested the method you have selected but it should give you pause if any of it resonates such that you look again at what you are doing that is not working and break the cycle of insanity...


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