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Why Does My Account Balance Go Below £0



Hello, wondering if anyone can help me, i am currently trading with 2 £10,000 demo accounts and i would just like to know if anyone could tell my why my account balance can go below £0. A few times the account balance has been -£200 however it always seems to go back up. Why does it drop below £0?



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Hi @CharlieParkhurst,  one must ask just what it is you are doing to go -£200, most people are of the opinion the goal is at the other end of the pitch.

In fact up until recently it was easy to go into the red especially in a fast moving market as slippage means price could leap over your stop and margin call and come to rest £200 further down the track. It's only when new bids or offers are taken up that price gets stamped on the tape, until then it is more or less sailing through mid air.

With the new esma regulations early this year retail client are now protected from negative balance so the platform resets itself having shown you your misfortune.

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