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Anybody having this problem?


Positions I've opened on IG signals are not showing in my 'Positions' page. They do show as having been made at the top of the page and according to that I have opened two not the one I wanted. Because I can't see them, I can't make up my mind to close them when I think I should.

Not somewhere I'm putting real money. It also happened yesterday.

Anybody had this happen?


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Hi @Stefano2,  Don't quite follow your question. The signals are posted and you have the option to auto-copy the entry,stop and target onto an order (you add size and click 'place order') and it will remain in 'Orders' tab until either auto triggered or auto cancelled, if triggered the trade will appear in 'Positions' tab until stopped out or reach target. If the pattern collapses before entry the signal and the order are cancelled and the order will be removed automatically from 'Orders' tab.

You beat me to it 🙂



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Thanks for the reply, it was obvious when I realised it hadn't yet been executed.


Much appreciated

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