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How do you download intraday historical data?


We used to be able to do so from google finance, but it is not available now.  Anyone know how to do it?

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Which specific markets or stocks are you referring to?

What period of time do you want the intraday historical data from? So for example fo you want it just for one day (intraday) or do you want it for say the past 10 days?

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Google finance stopped working some time ago but yahoo finance still works (at least for EOD). Alpha Vantage has also free intraday data.

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@Exhale_Trading, yes Google Finance used to offer this but do not anymore.


You may want to consider the following (cannot guarantee that they will still work) for the US stock market.

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Alpha Vantage
  • IEX
  • Finam
  • Stooq


You may also want to consider the following for the US markets:

  • NetFonds
  • Duckascopy


The above are all free options which I assumed you were asking about.

You may also wish to consider the following:


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Thanks for answering.

I am looking for asx 200 and ftse 100 index. Anyone know how to get intraday historical data? 

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