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Bonds and Gilts

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German Bund is just going higher and higher.

Most Bonds are up (blue) today with the German Buxl up 107 points at the time of this post.

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The German Bund hit 16827 today. The chart below is showing the narrative of how effective a 'long' trade this was and still is.


The price does not lie and the chart does tell the truth. With so much political and economic uncertainty around the world, Bond prices are telling us a story which they are predicting about the future. 

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German Bund is up another 50 points today and is hitting new highs as we speak. German Buxl is up 181 points. All Bonds are up and in the blue apart from the Italian Bonds. 

When you now look at the major indices then you can clearly see that Bonds tend to move up more often than not when world stock markets are declining. When one understands the relationship that Bonds have with Equities then one can appreciate the trading opportunities that this asset class offers.

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I have just read this article and I am astonished at the sheer ridiculousness of it. How can a trader (must be classed as a professional) for it to even be possible to make such a loss on German Bonds. If you just look at their charts then they are so bullish and have been for a while. It does not take an intellect to work this out.

One of my trading philosophies is to never bet against the trend as odds and probability are not likely to be in your favour. 

Another famous saying is to never bet against the German Bund!


Betting Against Europe's Safest Bonds Costs Trader $22 Million


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The US Treasury Bond is up 168 points and 1.13%. 

The US Ultra Treasury Bond is up 259 points and 1.55%. 

They are the stand out performers today but Bonds in general have been in the blue and performed well today.

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Well Bonds are all up and in the blue this morning. 

The Bond prices are telling a story / narrative to us about the future. It can be used as a warning indicator / risk barometer. Just how far in the future I do not know as it could be six months or more.


The 'daily' for the German Bund paints a picture that we can interpret in many ways. One way is that there is economic and political uncertainty ahead which is being priced into the Bond market.


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Bond prices are continuing to climb and the German Bund on the 'daily' is looking strong. 


Gold is also moving upwards right now and has been generally in an upward trend since August 2018 but the German Bund began its move before Gold. Bonds are a very interesting and important asset class to follow even if you do not trade them. Even if you trade Equities or Commodities then Bonds can give you a feeling of the risk appetite and mindset in the markets. 

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The German Bund and Bond prices in general are rising which is not a good 'Economic Indicator'

The chart below highlights the price action of the German Bund.


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    • I am kicking myself for not trading the breakout of gold now My thinking now is that I'd like to see 1346 established as support and go long from there.  It's pretty obvious (now, with benefit of hindsight) that the May selloff on the indices was a relatively shallow retracement of an uptrend, so gold will probably be stuck in the doldrums again for some time.
    • 👍🏾Yes let us see and it will certainly be interesting as from a trading perspective It could start to get rather tricky with all the potential uncertainty floating around. This may benefit the price of Gold and Bonds but if the Fed lowers interest rates then you could be right.