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IG merchant category code (MCC)



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Thanks @TrendFollower

I will ask my credit card issuer, however, they are likely going to want to know the MCC of the merchant. Will give it a try anyway.

Will update here once I know more

Is there anyone who has ever tried funding their IG account with a credit card and can report if there were any additional charges?


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3 hours ago, TrendFollower said:

@Telstra & @JamesIG,

I sincerely hope the TFN is not the Australian Tax File Number and following it is not the Medicare Health Number in Australia. Also full name has been provided and what looks like an expiry date of some sort. 

Please can this be removed immediately. @JamesIG, what happened to the button we could press to report such posts? I still cannot see it on my screen. 

looks like the report button is white (or a very very light grey). If you hover over the area just to the left of the 'share' icon you'll see it? Colour should probably be changed of course.


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