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52 Week Price Analysis for Bitcoin


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Having run the numbers with my trading algorithm I have developed with the IG Index API, I thought that I might offer some insight. As always this is my own thoughts, ideas and opinions. It might help some of the newer investors. 

Let me explain this graph. Whilst I believe I hold some authority around various parts of the internet with regards to this as I have invested alot of time and effort into this system most of the code is released for free, let me attempt to explain. This graph is produced from my own code/trading algo which I am happy to discuss if you so wish. I can do analysis on other stocks, pairs whatever if there is demand for it. 

  • The blue dashed line's are the high and low prices for each week, In this case over the last 52 weeks. The green dots are the "Peak Detection Algorithm", As you can see from the graph it is good at predicting when the price will turn around. Each dot representing a turn around in price. 
  • The grey area is the VWAP, The Volume Weighted Average Price. 
  • The red dashed line is what the price is currently sat at (mid price), As you can also see it is sitting right on a green dot, This is a signal to say that the price is about to turn around. BUT beware. There are ALOT more peaks beneath the VWAP price (Count them) which indicates there is some serious downward pressure there, It's failed to get off the ground. Not many buyers!.
  • I have various rules attached to how this would be traded   So my analysis for the next week is such that there will be a quite a down-tick in price (see the last green dot, It's just started), With significant price pressure downwards. Not to mention 4000 been a "Psychological Price barrier" 

My time is limited but if you wish I can produce graphs based on lower-time frames, Hour's etc to show the turn around points to plan your trades accordingly. 




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32 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

Thanks for this @TheGuru12, very interesting and clearly a lot of work has gone into it so thanks for the share. I suspect many here would be very interested in something as you suggest on a lower time frame (hourly for example) that they could follow especially as bitcoin is very problematic to read short term.

Did just note before checking the forum that bitcoin popped to the upside just in this last hour but who knows how long that will last with social media organised pump and dumps .


4H over 15M ... It's trading very tightly, Albeit it downward trend. 


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1 hour ago, Caseynotes said:

Not sure why you are trying to sabotage this thread @TrendFollower, it is titled 'bitcoin' because it is about bitcoin, what is offered is a sharing of experimental algorithmic analysis of bitcoin price action and many will be interested to see how it goes.

Why on earth you are waving red flags about is a complete mystery, no one is trying to sell you anything.  


however @TheGuru12 - it would be really interesting to see some calls going forwards in real time. Unsure if you have alerts set up (or have the time to post here continually) but would be interesting to see your system call a top / bottom in real time and follow the bitcoin trade. 'Peak detection Algo' sounds cool as well!

thank y ou for sharing

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    • @u0362565 We'll not have a 2008 event for a long-time - there will be big plunges and 25% corrections along the way, they are a given along with a couple of bear market periods - but the ultra long term trend is upwards until the cycle ends in the mid 2030's The market is pre-BUILT - Its working through geometrical ratios - once its hit a key level it will reverse trend - the only problem as traders is we don't know exactly the geometrical shapes the market moves to all the time - I know this is hard to understand and visualise - as it works out and through its next move, trading opps will show up The reason the SP500 has crashed is it hit 1.902% which meant it reached to within 1 point the diagonal of a golden rectangle - once price reaches the geometrical shape its building it turns - I think what will happen is people will attach the reasoning of earnings season to it, but its always after the fact, like generic economic reasoning Yeah the key is working out what type of market you're in fast and when the trend changes, what worked prior, no longer works - the other key is staying solvent long enough to pick up the trades once the prior trend comes back into play as well as trading other markets I wrote a piece the other month on selling the "hooks" - the FTSE100 Index just provided that very short trade opportunity today If unsure, just stay out of the market in cash until things become a bit more clearer - a gann secondary reaction is a indicator to the start of a possible new rally, if that happens at a key retracement level of a bigger move then it could be significant  THT  
    • I'll tell you one thing, I wish I'd learnt how to short a market right now! I assume this movement is somewhat to do with whats happening with Ukraine/Russia. It's crashed through multiple 50% levels so is there a point where you say this method no longer works for the conditions at play. For example you can draw 50% levels to your heart's content extending back in time on daily chart swings. If you see enough movement above the level you may decide to trade at least it would somewhat limit the number of trades you were making. Movement of the market back to the high at least if we believe in what has happened historically is a case of when and not if. What is dangerous in my eyes is moves downward that last a long time, like 2008 where it went on for months. If it's relatively quick down and back it's easier to weather e.g. 2020 crash. I am assuming that we are not on a longer term decline but I haven't polished my crystal ball yet this year so not sure
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