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US Crude Feb & Mar 2019 Options Missing

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I am unable to see above products under Finder as well as in my watchlist "US Crude Options", in the Old Platform. Basically, they have disappeared. I can see them in the New Platform but they keep disappearing in the Watchlist even if I keep adding them. I believe it keeps removing itself as they are not available in the Old Platform. Also, the API is not pulling data for these products, again I believe its linked to Old Platform hence unable to pull the data.

Anyone having the same issue?

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    • True. Going for the big swings works and so does scalping for everyday gains. Big swings often take time and sometimes one has to be patient and wait and pay the vig for the wait. Taking profit where one finds it is no bad thing and to be encouraged and applauded surely? Especially if one is lucky enough to short, trade out and then reverse one's position and profit by each swing. I agree if one takes a position and is going long and has a clear target in mind there is little point trading in and out, but when there is obvious profit what's wrong with taking it? Traders seem to have different approaches to gain. If one were running a bot one could easily programme it to do exactly that.  
    • @HPbrand, Long term the charts are supporting your view of bearish /negative when you look at the 'Monthly' and 'Weekly' charts for Bitcoin. Of course this can change but right now they support your view. However, that does not mean shorter term Bitcoin could not rally like it is right now since hitting $3.8k a few weeks back.  Majority of the tokens are utter garbage. In fact 90% of them are worthless and will fail. That I have little doubt about. There are however a few tokens which offer very compelling reasoning in terms of their creation and the impact they could have on particular areas. I will not go into that here but I have a thread on 'Tokenisation' which will explain some of these so little point in repeating in this thread.  From a trading perspective your third paragraph does not make sense. If you trade based on technical indicators and signals and they point towards Bitcoin going down to zero then for heavens sake short this asset and make money. Surely trading is all about making money. If you can maximise how much you can make per point movement and use effective leverage if you want to then to me it does not matter if Bitcoin is going to zero. If you are that sure then short it. Why wouldn't you?  If Governments were going to close Bitcoin et al then they would have done so. In fact the evidence demonstrates that Governments worldwide are embracing it and will adopt it in some form with legislation and tax rules being brought in to deal with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.  By all means wait and patiently be shown otherwise but just read about how India overturned their Bitcoin ban recently. Read about the US and UK bringing in guidance in relation to Crypto Assets. Just have a look at Gibraltar and the infrastructure there. I haven't even mentioned Asia and how China / Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea are all embracing Cryptocurrencies. I am not saying it will be Bitcoin that makes it. The simple truth is I don't know but the future is digital and digital currencies are coming. Central Governments are working on this as we speak and as I write. If what I am hearing is correct, it is a race to see which country releases their digital currency backed by Central Government first. Now although this is different to 'Decentralised Cryptocurrencies' it will shape the future of money / transactions / cross border payments / movement of assets, etc. 
    • Hi all. I have an amount in my unsettled debit, on the overview tab. What is this and how is it calculated?  Thanks.