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Is spread betting for fools?


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Can anyone PLEASE put me right here??? What the Actual eFF is stopping me here?  I've been trying to place a trade since 187...........Stop not Big enough Too close to Market.......But then I went to Web Platform and said it's Closing Only lololololololol.

What the hell is going on??????????????????  Why isn't this info readily available on screen?  Is this a Joke?? Am I on Candid Camera pulling my fecking hair out?? lol




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1 hour ago, DSchenk said:

GAP scanner today for US open: GAP over 4%; Float less than 50M; price between $0.1 and $5

Not a single stock which is trade-able in IG. All restricted. (I think IG is fooling us, not spread betting is for fools :D )


Is there not a way to Limit the Screener based upon IG's limits?  Maybe it's possible to find out the full requirements for tradeable stock and add them to the Filter?

Today has been a nightmare.......I'm done :(____

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Sorry to hear you're struggeling nit2wynit.

To answer your question. PRT doesn't show if a stock is restricted by IG or not. You find out if you place an order and it will tell you. Or you do it how I am doing it and check it via the IG API. Or I guess you can also check it in the browser platform, although that's quite a manual process.

Other than that not sure why you are having issues with the stop. Are you placing the stop automatically the same time you enter the trade? Or are you placing the trade and afterwards placing stop and limit?

As mentioned before, the US stocks seem to be a bit odd. I had struggles sometimes with the stop as well. They seem to need to be quite large compared to UK stocks.


In regards to adjusting the screener based upon IGs limits. I don't think there are any specific limits. I guess there's some sort of risk management team, which manually restricts "hot" stocks. Why they are doing this in the first place - don't know. My guess is still this is profitability management on IG side. If there was a ticker running 200% on a day and everybody goes long and makes 3x their account deposit in profits, then worst case IG need to pay everyone their money if they request it.

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12 minutes ago, DSchenk said:

In regards to adjusting the screener based upon IGs limits. I don't think there are any specific limits. I guess there's some sort of risk management team, which manually restricts "hot" stocks. Why they are doing this in the first place - don't know. My guess is still this is profitability management on IG side. If there was a ticker running 200% on a day and everybody goes long and makes 3x their account deposit in profits, then worst case IG need to pay everyone their money if they request it.

I'm going to assume this is the case.

As for me being able to place a trade FML Big Time.....WTActual F....................

I think I know why but still don't know how to remedy it.  I've been ticking the SL top right next to the ticket and putting in 10 as in 10pt Stop (if the Spread is 4 I double it and add half, so in this case 10).  Turns out on Shares it works in % not points. I don't **** know to be honest.  This is a huge waste of my time so far.  What a **** joke it is.  How **** hard does it need to be ffs?

I managed to place a trade earlier by unticking the SL boxes, but then I can't work out how to Add a Stop or Limit to the chart........Some of the videos are out of date too so following them is a pain.

**** bad day today...Bad Day.  :(  I need a drink!


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However, using the built in scanner you may have noticed these or missed them.

Greenlane Holdings.
Stemline Therap
PG&E Corp

I wasn't actually trading today,  just placing what I could to see how PRT works.  However, here's what could have happened with a 1k account.  Take note, I wasn't trying to Win.  Just punting to get a feel for it.


Sample PRT.jpg

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49 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:

If you are using the wrong trading strategy on spread betting

Trend! for the love of all that is Good.......Can't you see the rhetoric???

He's basically asking you or anybody....What is the Best Trading Strategy for Spread betting?????  as he keeps losing............!  Show him how to do it, don't criticise how he's doing it and offer no alternative.

Please please don't say....Well that's for you to work out.......That is a Cop Out.

I say this with the upmost respect for your knowledge;  Either Teach or Preach.    There is too much rhetoric and hindsight info on this forum and always from the same people.

@dmedin.  I will show you how to make money here.  But I need to know how much you have, how much you want to make per day.  It's **** easy; if you can afford the RISK, Financially and Emotionally.

I will prove 10 trades with whatever account size you have.  I will show at least 50/50 on wins.  In fact, I already have.

With a 1k account I was up 25% as of Wednesday last week after 2 days Trading.  It was only the Demo you say?

OK.  So I offer ANYONE else here paying attention, a Task.  Use the Demo and grow your account from 1k.  and if you're so sure of your knowledge and wisdom, PROVE it Live.

How hard can it be?

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5 hours ago, dmedin said:

Seems like most days are bad days when one is 'day trading'

I just want to echo on this a little  Day Trading vs......What?  Investing?  Buying Shares?  Long term Goals? Crossing the Road?

They ALL carry Risk.  Pinpoint what you want to achieve, how much you are willing to risk to achieve it and we'll go from there.

I know it's hypocritical for me to be giving advice, but the entire exercise is Psychological....It's nothing else.

It's about what is in front of you,  how you perceive it and  how you perceive it will dictate how you approach it and how you approach it will determine the outcome; based on certain variables.

If you want to make £1000 per day and only have £500; It's possible, but you must have high accuracy and risk it all each time.  you must also find the perfect Stock with the perfect Setup.  You must conquer your fears and risk Little to make Big.

You nailed it with JD Sports.  you got it.  you found the Breakout.......but you didn't Risk enough therefore you didn't Capitalise enough.

I've told you I know why I've lost.  Can you say the same?

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4 hours ago, TrendFollower said:

If @dmedin keeps on losing money then he must stop doing what he is doing.

Most of us by statistic are losing money.  That's what this entire thread is about.

Day Trading comes up a lot in the discussion.  I myself Day Trade.

Can you show us how to Day Trade @TrendFollower?  We all know we need a plan, risk management, discipline etc.  We know the pre-requisites.  But still can't make it work.......

Can you show us how to Day Trade?  Not Tell Us.  Can you show us how much you need to hold positions for months?

The minimum account balance is £250 I think.  How would you trade it?

Thanks for taking the time once again.  You will never receive abuse from me, but may suffer a Red Wine attack from time to time. :D

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OK so I don't know if I can anything of value here, but it's an interesting thread and I'd like to be involved somewhat.

I day trade full time and am comfortable with my returns.  My simple view is that spreadbetting is for short term trading only; it is too expensive to hold overnight positions for very long.

You do need a develop a strategy (which works of course!) and you must stick to it through thick and thin. I have traded for many, many years in various forms and has SB accounts since 2003 during which I have had varying degrees of success. However for the last few years I have settled on what I consider a pretty simple approach which I have stuck to - and it works for me at least. 

Basically I no longer trade individual stocks, FX or commodities anymore (of course I've tried them all).  I only trade indices, and every trade is hedged with another index.   I only trade FTSE, DAX, CAC, DJIA ('Wall Street'), NASDAQ ('US Tech 100'). The UK and European indices are only traded against one another, and the US indices are only traded against one another. 

So if I want to trade FTSE long I will only do that with a short on DAX or CAC and vice versa. Similarly DJ is only ever traded with a hedge against NAS. The trades are effectively identical in size in opposite directions so for example right now FTSE is trading at 7356/57 whilst DAX at 12452/53.  Therefore if I place a trade right now I would trade the ratio 1.7:1 respectively if that makes sense. Yes, the approach will limit returns, of course, because I will invariably take a loss on one and a gain on the other, but I rarely see a big loss and I do have other strategies for dealing with the issue before the end of the session if the overall position is showing a loss.

The thing which will make people laugh is that my exit strategy is not very robust - in fact it does not exist - if when I come back to the screen the trades are in profit I will either close the loser and add a trailing stop to the winner or close both trades. If not I either wait or possibly place other trades if I am still confident that my original view still applies. 

I like this approach because I don't have to do much research, and anytime of the day is practical to trade this strategy.

Now I'm not posting this because you should do the same, but it may give you food for thought?  The issue (as with all SB I guess) is that if you don't have professional trading status then your margin requirements are big and restrictive if you don't have much capital.




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12 hours ago, TrendFollower said:

Betting is only too expensive to hold overnight positions for very long if your is trade is wrong and the trade is going against you.

not clear on why someone with a bet of 10, 50 or 100 contracts would be happy paying hundreds of pounds every night for months on end in overnight funding charges when forwards or futures markets, where you don't pay any at all, were designed specifically for the task.

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1 hour ago, Caseynotes said:

not clear on why someone with a bet of 10, 50 or 100 contracts would be happy paying hundreds of pounds every night for months on end in overnight funding charges when forwards or futures markets, where you don't pay any at all, were designed specifically for the task.

He posted the same thing the other day and I commented under it saying this place was comedy gold (which has now vanished) ..My comment was based on what  you have said, why would you be paying out daily charges when you dont need to.

Like I said comedy gold ,10 millions posts  and doesnt even trade at all 

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Note to Self:  Look into Futures. ^^^ They come up a lot in covo's.

Potential here maybe.  Dropped from +£60 while I took a screen shot to make this post, but it's OK it's the Demo.  The important part is I found it.  Oooh where's it going?  £68 risk on this.  I would have taken the £60 normally but it's Friday so I've left it.  




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11 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:

@Caseynotes and @Mark27000,

Spread Betting is a tax efficient way of trading. Your profits are free from UK Capital Gains Tax and there is no needs to disclose or include in your UK Self Assessment Tax Return. Imagine if you were a day trader and a profitable one you would have to ensure that you declared, included and paid the correct tax at the correct time and this would be your responsibility. Yes you can hire an accountant but there will be a cost to that. Yes there is accounting and tax software but you still have to input all the details. Spread Betting makes is seamless and less hassle. It is easier in my opinion when limited time is available. I am an investor first and foremost and trading is only a very small part of what I do. 

Now in terms of paying overnight charges. If you are a profitable trader using leverage then the overnight charges will be coming out of your profits (leveraged). 

With spread betting you do not have clearing fees, the costs associated per contract (futures), paying for a terminal every month. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both but the real advantage of spread betting is the tax efficiency. I love it. The disadvantage is the costs via the spreads and overnight charges. Each trader has to weigh up (based on their personal circumstances) which is better for them. 

Trend Trading Futures contracts is not tax efficient. Yes it may be cheaper due to no or little overnight charges but the tax you have to pay on your profits, each trader will have to work out the math and see which option is better for them. 

On spread betting the overnight charges are the costs of being able to carry over a leveraged position. It is the privilege to do so and of course there will be a cost to doing this as after all if you make lots of profits then it is free from tax so you get to keep all of it. Futures will have the 'cost' built into the spread so they will be wider. 

So yes you have no 'overnight' charges as such but those costs will be built and factored into the spread. 

I am not going to get involved in an argument over which is better as that is a personal and individual choice. I have chosen Spread Betting for my particular circumstances and situation. I do not need permission or any agreement from you guys. I am not sure why I am bothering here as I do not even trade according to @Mark27000.

Futures contracts are designed for longer term trades but the spreads will be wider thus avoiding overnight charges.

If it is not for you and you do not want to pay the overnight charges then that is fine. If you do not understand why I pay overnight charges then fine. There is nothing more I wish to add, say or disclose on the IG Community. 

The more you type the more you prove what I said

Nobody said anything about spreadbetting ...You said you pay an overnight charge while holding your trade for weeks or months.You obviously buy or sell a DFB instead of the futures contract ....Even if you are spreadbetting you can do this...The fact that you dont know this  tends to show you dont actually trade and if by chance you do,then you havent a clue 

I await your 1000 word response of twaddle

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26 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:


Trend Trading Futures contracts is not tax efficient. Yes it may be cheaper due to no or little overnight charges but the tax you have to pay on your profits, each trader will have to work out the math and see which option is better for them. 


You are confusing trading CFD`s with Spreadbetting a futures contract....😂😂

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29 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:


May I ask why you are being so rude. I have not been rude or discourteous to you. 

Would you please be kind enough to show me where this option is on IG's UK Spread Betting platform for the following that I use my UK Spread Betting account for:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ether
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • EOS
  • Crypto 10 Index
  • NEO
  • Ether/Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin

Now please would you be kind enough to evidence to me where the futures option is and I certainly appreciate you 'twaddle-less' answer. 

I look forward to learning from someone on the IG Community. It is all about sharing. If you know something which I do not then I am happy to learn from you. You can never stop learning. I will hold my hands up. I have been trading Cryptocurrencies on IG's platform for around 2-3 years using Spread Betting and I never knew they had a futures option. Oh wait, I live and breathe Cryptocurrencies and follow news on a daily basis so what do I know. Hold on I do not trade and I am full of 'twaddle'.

OK, I am about to learn something here. This will be very useful to me as I go long and short on Cryptocurrencies so this is getting me excited now. 

Now if I have no clue then I really want to assess how much 'clue' you have. This thread is all about spread betting so I am sticking to the topic. I have been posting on this thread in relation to spread betting. If you want to write about something else then this may be the wrong thread. That is my clue level but let us see your clue level. What I obviously do, I should know but I guess I do not know. You obviously know what I do and not do more than me. Wow some arrogance. If I do not trade then don't waste your time even posting to me and if I do trade then maybe I am a bad trader. There are many bad traders on IG Community. You may also be one of them. I do not know. I look forward to your professional and polite answer to see how polite and courteous you are. Or shall I make an assumption that you are just a rude and impolite person? You seem to like making assumptions. 

Rude ...Please If you want to see rude I will oblige if you like

Ok So you went onto the platform and found the only products that have no future contract..Well done ,gold star for you

If I give a quick glance over the forums I can see multiple threads created by you about trading oil, gas, gold and OJ at the very least...All of which  do have 

So are you now trying to say you only trade cypto  but like to post about everything else

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