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ETF Trading - Newbie Questions



Hello, I'm quite new to trading but interested to consider trading in ETF's over the next 2 to 5 years on an ongoing basis.

- What's the minimum I can invest per transaction in an ETF, assuming I would like to probably invest monthly on an ongoing basis?
- Are there any main points I should be alerted to before investing in such funds?

Finally I was thinking of Emerging Markets, I have an appetite for risk as my retirement fund is already protected and very safely invested in low risk funds. With this in mind what are people's thoughts to such funds as:

Thank you

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@Kennzo, I don't trade ETFs myself but found this interesting site that allows you to find an ETF by stock search.

Find ETF by stock

Sometimes you want to invest in a particular stock but also want to diversify your portfolio. It's easy to do by finding ETFs containing your beloved asset. Or, perhaps, you are trying to find similar ETFs by asset? Just use our tool for finding ETF by stock or any asset.
You can also try our Asset Correlations free tool or explore Beta Calculator.

If you want to find ETFs for a bunch of stocks, use our watchlist.



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