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Using the Yahoo finance screener, I'm interested in views on the following settings to get Growth and Dividend 

I'm aiming to get reasonable value stocks, decent dividend but which are secure companies not at risk of bankruptcy.


EPS growth (LTM): 25% to 50% and 50% to 100% and > 100%,  (Growth)

Trailing P/E (LTM): 0 - 20, Price/Book (mrq): 1 - 2 and < 1,  (Value)

Current ratio (LTM):greater than 1.5,  (Can deal with current debt)

PEG ratio (5 yr expected): < 1,  (Growth and value)

Last close indicated dividend / stock price (LTM):greater than 4,  (Dividend of 4% +)

LT debt/equity (LTM):less than 50 (Can deal with long term debt.





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