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Fundamental books

Guest lechtrader


Guest lechtrader

Hi Guys

I’ve been thinking about what should I do next and as much as I know/learning technical analysis of the charts, best next step will be to go back to economy lessons, less trading in it self. Need to make sure that I’ve got full understanding of economy, what drives the prices. Interest rates, employment rates, correlations between bonds, shares, options expiration dates, FX. Oil production process, import, export, volumes etc etc, got everything in my head  but need to make sure it’s all in the right track. Want to learn it right way.

Did some research and am planning on buying fallowing books:
"The intelligent investor" Benjamin Graham
"The little book of economics" Greg IP
"Intermarket analysis" John Murphy
"One up on the Wall Street" Peter Lynch
 "Oil 101" Morgan Downey 

Could you please advice if they are ok

Thank you

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Guest lechtrader

Got also 

"Stock market investing for beginner's" Vince Casale

Looks interesting, got it on audible to listen before the books come 

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